The entire computer world is divided into two apartments – software and druggies, and all representatives of the first always relate to the alternate – they work with other people’s programs.

Intriguing systems are really demanded, others – high-quality programs. Thus, they’ve to find a common language. What they’ve in common is that ultramodern technologies for developing software products don’t suit either one or the other (although numerous of them don’t admit it).

In recent times, the cost of computers and tackle has dropped hundreds of times and productivity has increased. The cost of software development has remained nearly unchanged. Why? Everyone answers this question in his own way, and besides, every time in different ways. However, also the answer lies on the face – the reasons should be sought in ultramodern technologies, If we consider the being system for the development of tone- developing programs.

C# is a programming language, NET is a general term that generally encompasses both the. NET Framework (Application Framework Library) and the Common Language Runtime, which is the runtime in which. NET assemblies are executed.

Microsoft’s perpetration of C# is heavily integrated with the. NET frame, so it’s accessible that the two generalities would get confused. Still, it’s important to understand that these are two fully different data dev – outsource net development.

The Part of the. NET Platform

Bill Gates formerly said that the. NET platform is the most stylish Microsoft has ever created. Maybe he was right. The following main features can be distinguished

  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Cross-platform.
  • Important class library.

What’s dotNet and what does it give?

So, it’s clear to get a complete picture of dotNet, you need to know what it consists of and what it gives.

On the Microsoft website, everyone interested in dotNet was divided into three orders (an intriguing bracket, isn’t it) druggies and inventors, information technology professionals, businessmen, and for each of them they offered an explanation of what dotNet gives exactly to it.

The dotNet platform also includes those garçon products that can be used not only (and not so important) by software inventors, but also by inventors of complex commercial information systems.

Now is the time for the rapid-fire development of e-commerce. The being tools for creating network trading platforms no longer always meet business conditions. And when developing new tools for this area, WebService outsourcing java development services by data dev should be the crucial word.

Principally, an operation written for DotNet runs in this environment. However, we get the following an operation written in one of the languages for Dotnet is first converted into the “ common language” CIL If we dissect the path of the operation for Dotnet. CIL is a low-position language. Also, the program enters the CLR, where the program is acclimated for different performances of operating systems and processor infrastructures using styles and functions from Dotnet libraries. And only after that, the program enters the computer processor, where its final prosecution takes place.

By the way, inside the CLR there’s an erected-in scrap collector that cleans up RAM from all gratuitous effects that remain in the process of program prosecution.

The DotNet toolkit was first released in 2000 with exactly this title “. Net is the game that will revise the development world.” Further than two decades latterly, we can trace that Dotnet didn’t turn the world upside down, still, it greatly eased the development of products for Windows operating systems. All this time, Dotnet has been developing and gaining fashionability for a reason, but due to its excellent functionality.