You have probably heard of AA meetings for recovering alcoholics, but you won’t find someone looking forward to his first. Can you blame him for it?   

Certainly not, because attending it isn’t a happy event; rather it’s a reminder of the tough battle ahead.

Once you are out of an Oregon rehab, the real challenge to sobriety begins. So far you have been under medical supervision in a clinic here where you didn’t have to worry about anything. But, out in the real world, the challenges are far more intense.

AA meetings are there to help you stay on the path to sobriety. They make you feel like you are working towards something good in the future. Attending these is therefore important to stay on track.

What you can expect to find in your first AA meeting in Oregon?

To attend an AA meeting in Oregon, you need to first look for a venue that is nearby. You can use an AA meeting directory online to find locations near you. 

Most people attending for the first time do so because they have been forced to. It’s usually their therapist, family, doctor, employer, or judge who ensures they take this step. Very rarely will you come across an alcoholic who wants to attend an AA meeting by himself?

Once you have identified local AA meetings, read up about what happens in these so that is don’t go in unprepared. Walking into a room where you know no one is bound to be unnerving. You can always choose to attend an “open” meeting the first time. This lets you bring along your spouse or sibling.

Even when you know that the meeting is the right place for you, it will take a lot of courage to be part of it. Fears, insecurities, and embarrassment will get the better of you. So, prepare yourself in advance to tackle these feelings.

While a lot of information may be readily available online, you will still feel anxious the first time around. Once inside, take your seat and listen to others. No one will force you to talk or open up about your addiction.

As you get familiar with the meetings, you slowly acquire the courage to share your experiences. Being in the presence of fellow addicts and listening to their personal tales of struggles and victories can invigorate you.

You begin to understand why you must first conquer fear to fight alcoholism. Negative emotions like guilt, shame, and fear will hamper your recovery and dissuade you from sobriety goals. AA meetings help you stay committed. And they have a rather interesting way of doing that too!

AA encourages its members to use a sobriety calculator to keep a track of how many days they have stayed away from alcohol. When you achieve milestones, AA rewards you with sobriety chips. This is a great way to motivate your efforts and acknowledge your hard work.

AA meetings are for people who are serious about abstinence. It gives you a platform to voice your fears and concerns. It brings you in contact with people who have fought and overcome addictions like yours. So, take that first step into an AA meeting and you won’t regret it ever!