Google has implemented certain standards based on the reviews that rate your business. Therefore, here we tell you if it is a good idea to buy these reviews.

Google My Business in conjunction with Google Maps provide the possibility for users to rate and leave reviews about their experience with a certain company, in turn they can place stars and photographs, as a complement.

The content found in the profile of the establishment is of the utmost importance so that potential customers can learn more about them. And in this way it allows them to verify the information they had about the business and learn more about it. For this reason, Google My Business encourages brands to verify all the data they place in their account.

Negative effects of buying reviews on Google

By updating Google’s policies, it is harmful that reviews are bought, even if they are positive for the business, for the following reasons:

It is against Google Policies

Buy Google reviews is penalized by the platform’s use policies, this means that if Google detects a purchase of reviews, it could penalize the business, freezing or closing the account.

It is also important to know that some customers may detect these fraudulent reviews, which would be a loss of trust and they could show it in another review, which would be counterproductive, generating a snowball effect and a considerable loss of credibility.

It is illegal

In some countries, such as Spain, the United States and the United Kingdom, buying reviews of products or services on the Internet is illegal, so it could lead not only to a Google penalty, but also to an administrative fine.

Are Google reviews linked to digital marketing strategies?

Google My Business offers owners to know the opinion of consumers about their brand or business. It is due to the reviews section, which allows users to develop opinions that can be used by entrepreneurs.

Another of the strategies that can be used with Google My Business is that merchants can publish opinion articles and news of interest to Internet users, strengthening communication between the two.

The creation of a profile on the platform is not only crucial to ensure a virtual presence, but also for others to know more about the business.

And last but not least, this Google My Business application is a platform that appropriately helps local businesses, facilitating their location.

Among its greatest virtues is the ability to place it in the top positions of the search engine, allowing users to find it easily.