Is Cuelu A Scam (May 2022) Check The Reviews Here! The website is a source of products that are based upon traditional therapies to treat skin. You can read the article to know more about its authenticity.

Are you a believer in treatments with traditional methods? Are you interested in trying new techniques for better skin? Have you recently come across a site known as Cuelu that focuses on the use of such devices yet, at the you are unsure to its legitimacy?

The website has raised doubts about is Cuelu a scam in the online buying habits of many countries such as Canada, the United States, Canada, Australia and Ireland. Check out this article for full details about whether this is a legitimate site.

Is Cuelu Legit?

Read the details listed below to help you answer your questions regarding the legitimacy of the website.

  • Website Age Website Age extremely recent, a few days to be exact.
  • website trust Score –1 percent, which falls into that category “Very Bad Trust Score”.
  • Lack of Ownership and Contact Information –Neither any information about the owner nor contact details or number is provided. This is a significant information that is relevant for Cuelu reviews..
  • Customer Reviews Review of HTML0 Customer ReviewsAll reviews are five-star and appear bias, including a few reviews from before the portal’s launch date.
  • The website is not accessible for social Media Linking Social Media Linking is not available There is no link from this site with any platform for social networking.
  • False Policy TermsThe policy’s content has been taken from another source, as it has phrases like “Insert” and “Add” that the creators of this website have did not include when they pasted.
  • Prevalence of Malware Presence of Malware A malicious virus has been identified to be utilized on this website based on our investigation on the internet.

Continue reading for more information about the authenticity of this site, and your inquiry about is Cuelu a scam?.

What Is Cuelu?

Cuelu is an e-commerce site which sells products that are related to skin care inspired by an ancient Chinese treatment called Gua Sha, which believes in improving the appearance of people by scraping it with tools that resemble stones. The products that Cuelu sells include the Gua Sha tool for lifting the face and a de-puffing facial roller.


  • Portal Type isan online marketplace that deals with products that are based upon traditional therapeutic treatments.
  • Portal Address –
  • E-mail Ids – [email protected][email protected]
  • Contact Information Contact Details for HTML0 –absent that will allow you decide If Cuelu is a fraud
  • Sort By Option –available
  • Filter By Option – unavailable
  • Product Price Product Price in USD as default, but is able to be converted to CAD, INR GBP, AUD JPY, EUR and EUR.
  • Terms and Conditions –mentioned
  • Privacy Policy – mentioned
  • Payment Policynot specifically mentioned
  • Payment Methods:via Visa as well as MasterCard Debit along with Credit cards.
  • Return Policy Return Policy within 30 days of the delivery date, with restocking costs of $10.


The positives of this website was found, besides the fact that it has some helpful information on the techniques of applying stones to treat skin problems in”Guidebook” “Guidebook” section.


There are a lot of disadvantages when shopping on this website that are a proof of doubt is Cuelu a Scam. Check out the following below:

  • There are only two items sold at the same cost.
  • The discount cancels the total price of the item, and the same amount is due as shipping charges.
  • In the policy on returns, it is noted that products such as flowers and flammable liquids are not able to be returned, while they don’t deal with these items.
  • On on the lower part of the page the page is a note that no copyright was intended.
  • It is also dangerous to bet on this site due to its low trust rating as well as its age, and the lack of certain key information such as owner information as well as social media linkage.
  • The images of before and after in reviews of the product appear to have been altered.

Be aware of the Cuelu Reviews

The top reviewing forums such as Quora, Amazon, Trustpilot or Reddit have any feedback on Cuelu. This shows its low-profile and lack of trust within the market. To stay away from becoming a into PayPal frauds be sure to click here and be aware. Additionally, click here to find out more details about the traditional Gua Sha technique known as the method that is used to aid in improving the appearance of your skin.


It is evident from the information we’ve gathered that this site is not safe to use. Don’t try to purchase products through this website since it could result in fraud with your credit card that you can read about here. We hope we can solve your query Is Cuelu a Scamthrough the information in this post.

Do you find the review is satisfactory? Do you have any additional information on the website? Do you have any suggestions.