View the IPL victors list from 2008 to 2021. There are just a limited handful groups that have had the choice to win the IPL on different events and these are the groups that have proceeded to become amazing groups.

IPL is that the best competition within the existence where being the champ is that the most elevated honor anybody can have and within the 14 years the IPL has been happening for there are a pair of groups have had the choice to win the association and there are just a limited handful groups have had the choice to win the IPL on different events and these are the groups that have proceeded to become amazing groups however there are a pair of various groups which have played well yet not won the IPL showing that triumphant it’s so troublesome.

Groups like RCB are those that within the wake of getting the simplest players on the earth and arriving at the last on different events couldn’t cross the last obstacle which is that the contrast between winning the IPL and coming next on the grounds that triumphant the last could be a craftsmanship and a pair of groups have had the choice to dominate this expertise. So how about we see the groups that have won the IPL beginning around 2008.
IPL Winners List from 2008 to 2021

2008: within the last of the IPL last of 2008, it had been Rajasthan Royals who thrillingly dominated the sport and were delegated bosses of the most IPL.

2009: Deccan Chargers and RCB had a good match within the last of the 2009 IPL and eventually, it absolutely was Deccan Chargers who won the 2009 IPL season.

2010: 2010 was the start of the CSK control and CSK won the 2010 IPL last by 22 runs and won the IPL that year.

2011: This was the primary sided last and here CSK again won the IPL once they beat the RCB group by 58 hurries to win it for the following year running.

2012: Kolkata Knight Riders won the 2012 IPL last in an outright exhilarating case and were delegated champions without precedent for 2012.

2013: The Mumbai Indians juggernaut began here and within the 2013 IPL last they beat the CSK group by 23 hurries to win the IPL interestingly.

2014: Kolkata Knight Riders pursued the foremost elevated all go in an IPL last once they pursued down 200 to win the 2014 IPL season.

2015: it had been the rehash of the 2013 last and here additionally the Mumbai Indians beat the CSK group in an uneven match and brought home their second IPL championship.

2016: Sunrisers Hyderabad won the IPL interestingly this year and that they won a particularly close match by 8 runs and won the IPL in 2016.

2017: Mumbai Indians would win the IPL again in 2017 once they beat the Rising Pune Supergiants by just one race to win the IPL in 2017.

2018: Chennai Super Kings returned following 2 years and won the IPL last over again and that they beat the Sunrisers Hyderabad by 8 wickets to return out on top for his or her third championship.

2019: Mumbai Indians won the 2019 IPL last by likewise 1 run and that they beat the CSK group to come back out on top for his or her fourth IPL championship in 2019.

2020: Mumbai Indians brought home their fifth IPL championship in 2020 after they beat the Delhi Capitals group by 5 wickets to win the competition.

2021: Chennai Super Kings won the IPL for the fourth time once they beat Kolkata Knight Riders within the Final by 27 races to win the 2021 IPL prize.

We should see which groups add their name to the present rundown. Will or not it’s one amongst these groups or will another group add their name the present rundown considering two new groups are added for the current year?