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Internet radio, also known as ‘Online radio’ broadcasts pre-recorded music files or live transmission through the internet. The online radio stations rely on various inputs from CDs, different clips, or live voice features to stream their content. Just like FM radio stations, online radio also features a variety of quality channels to keep the listeners entertained. From music channels and live transmissions to talk shows and comedy, the internet radio has everything to keep you amused.

Due to the increased fan-following of online radio, today we have tons of internet radio stations all over the world. The best part is that it is extremely easy to use – it just takes seconds to turn it on if you are connected to the internet. Multiple online radio servers like Shoutcast provide a link to their users to access their radio station. 

Unlike FM radio stations, online radio is accessible in all parts of the world. For example, you can easily stream the content from any country while sitting at your home, whether that’s Canada, the UK, Japan or Sri Lanka, etc. However, as we mentioned earlier, the only key here is to have stable internet connectivity. So, before you get your hands on the online radio, just make sure that you are connected to a high-speed and reliable internet connection like Grande internet. 

Grande internet provides its users with flawless internet connectivity round-the-clock for lag-free streaming, browsing and downloading, etc. Besides this, Grande internet offers its services at pretty economical rates to all its users, starting from $35.99 only per month.

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The Advantages of Internet Radio


Internet radio is much more cost-effective than FM/AM stations. Online sites allow the show hosts to conduct high-quality shows at cheaper rates – they charge a small amount of monthly fee only.  

Most of the radio productions sites offer professional services to radio hosts. For example, they have their online studios to enjoy live calling with show listeners, background noise blockers, music, and much more.

During live transmissions, the show can easily be saved into the MP3 format so that it can be available for the listeners after being on-aired too. 

Free Advertisement

Many online radio stations offer free advertising through their shows. Just like FM/AM radio, internet radio also has contracts with multiple brands to publicize their products and services.

Here’s a quick glimpse of the most popular online radio sites that offer free advertising services. 

  • Live365
  • Streema
  • Tuner 24
  • Blog Talk Radio
  • Streaming The Net
  • Tune In

Extended Reach

Online radio has a better reach to its audience, as it features the high-end capability to record live transmissions in MP3 – that’s surely an added benefit over FM/AM radio. 

At the same time when FM/AM show hosts cannot re-broadcast the live transmissions, online radio can easily do it over and over again so that it reaches an even larger amount of audiences from all over the world. Internet radio also gives you an amazing opportunity to create podcasts of your shows so that you can download them for later uses. For example, you can easily listen to your favorite podcasts while driving, exercising, or even showering, etc.

Another additional advantage is that internet radio stations usually broadcast on-demand content, which certainly means that listeners can tune in to whatever types of shows they like. They can also share the links with their friends and family members, and listen to the same show more than once – sounds interesting, right? 

Increased Engagement

According to Radio Ad Effectiveness Lab, internet radio proves to be much better than FM radio stations in several ways. For example, the online radio provides the users with auditory prompts and visuals at the same time which helps to retain the radio content for a longer time. 

Online radio stations feature even a wider range of shows than AM/FM radio stations. They have a better voice quality, stronger signals, and fewer advertisements. Unlike FM/AM radio stations, internet radio hardly provides you with any glitches during the shows, as it runs via the internet. So, there’s a lesser chance of signal loss. 

Minimal Investment 

Online radio shows can be set up at many minimal rates than FM/AM radio shows. Not only that, but it also saves tons of time and effort as well. So, even if your online radio show does not seem to work out, you can always shut it down and come out of it with a much lesser loss.

However, there’s a huge chance for the win, especially for the show conductors that have interesting content. Most of the time, online radio shows tend to gain a huge fan-following easily as it is accessible in different countries. So, even if your show doesn’t have a bigger fan base in specific regions, you can surely take advantage of publicizing it in other countries through social media platforms and various websites. 

The Bottom-Line

Due to the increasing fan-following of online radio shows, we can see that internet radio stations are expanding more and more each day. Not only that, they are available all over the world in different languages. It allows the listeners to explore other cultures, stay updated with global news, keep a track of foreign affairs, etc.

Although we have pretty much covered all the prominent features of online radio in this article, still if you wish to know more about it, then do not forget to check out this site. But before you click on the link, just make sure that you are connected to a fast internet connection like Grande internet. It will not only help your web pages to load faster but also provide you with smooth and secure browsing during your research. 

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