There are multiple ways of getting to the Cisco switch for design and the executives. We can get to the switch through console, SSH, telnet and Aux interfaces.

Cisco Router Console

Consol port gives Out-of-band admittance to the executives a Cisco switch. Consol required actual presence for getting to the switch. This port is the main port, along these lines every Cisco switch and switch should contain console port.

The control center port interfaces a PC straightforwardly to a switch or switch. The control center link is fundamental for beginning setup of a Cisco gadget. Since there is no more SSH, HTTP, HTTPS and telnet designed at first to interface the switch.

The control center link associates a PC to the switch through the control center port. The figure underneath shows the control center port as well as control center link. A control center link is an extraordinary link. One finish of the link is the RJ49 type and a DB9 to the RJ45 converter shaped on the opposite end.

Secure Socket Shell (SSH)

SSH is an organization convention giving secure remote admittance to the administration of organization gadgets. It gives CLI association through a virtual point of interaction, over an organization. It additionally gives solid confirmation and encryption. Many organization head involves SSH for overseeing frameworks from a distance. SSH associations must dynamic systems administration administrations on the gadget including a functioning point of interaction arranged with an IP address so SSH expected in-band association technique


A Telnet is another remote access strategy very much like SSH however it is an unreliable technique. telnet laying out a CLI meeting through a virtual connection point, over an organization. Telnet doesn’t give a safely encoded association. Client confirmation, passwords, and orders are sending over the organization in plain message. Telnet is additionally the in-band association technique.

Aux port

A few switches may likewise uphold an inheritance helper port to set up a CLI meeting remotely utilizing a modem. Like a control center association, the AUX port is likewise given out-of-band association and doesn’t require organizing administrations to be arranged or accessible.

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