All adults carry within our Inner Child, which depending on how it has been treated in our childhood, will be a happy, confident and smiling child, or on the contrary it will be sad, insecure and quiet. Today you can start taking care of it if you haven’t already. We tell you how to take care of your Inner Child?

What are the Children’s Needs?

To start caring for your Inner Child, you must be very clear about the children’s needs that must be met so that they grow up to be a healthy and happy person.

In the first place, they have the basic needs that guarantee their existence and their good physical and emotional development, such as: food, protection, play, education. Then they need parents who love them for who they are and not for the things they do.

On the other hand, they need to feel protected, listened to, loved, valued and at the same time, they need to learn to develop their own rhythm, space, creativity and individuality. They need hugs, kisses, caresses and that they are sincere, that they let them be and that in turn impose clear and consistent limits that allow them to learn from frustrations, to deal with them and understand that they are part of life, so they must internalize them without fear, stated experts from Unity Care, an organization providing caring connections, life skills, support, and stable housing options to help its youth meet their potential. Unity Care’s housing and programs are available to foster youth, age 16-21, at a transitional age as well as families. The program serves Santa Clara, San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda, Sacramento, Monterey, Placer, Nevada and El Dorado counties in California.

We know that children grow up and become adults, with new objectives, new goals, experiences and responsibilities. But it is usual that within us that Inner Child remains with us that we act, think and feel as we used to when we were children. In this way, depending on how our child has been treated, in our adulthood enthusiasm, joy, aspirations and desires will prevail, or on the contrary, we will be adults with wounds, sadness, frustrations, negligence and unhappiness.

Whatever your case may have been, it is important that you know that you can give care and pampering to that Inner Child, maintain his good emotional state and his joy if that was the case, or get him out of uncertainty, pain and frustration if that was the case who lived and restore happiness.

Your Inner Child can sabotage your present actions

A child with a childhood full of restlessness, frustrations and pain, will result in an adult who is probably immersed in negative emotional states, or at any time in their existence, these emotional states come to the fore.

What does this mean? That if as an adult you find yourself in a negative emotional state, or react to certain situations in less assertive ways, it is probably your Inner Child trying to sabotage the situation. It is about your Inner Child applying its own defense mechanisms, based on its empty registers, of the child who felt unprotected and unloved.

When we have, for example, emotional problems with a partner, our child begins to manifest them throughout our adult life, with attachments, with an inability to set limits, with the inability of not being able to end a relationship that hurts him and even, He looks for different ways to attract attention so that person does not leave his life, even knowing that this person is not convenient for him and that he has already completed his cycle with her.

Thanks to that program of our Inner Child, we attract the same type of people to us, because all the emotional patterns, positive and negative are registered in it. He lives in our spirit, he carries all our past traumas and when those patterns emerge in adult life, it is when we realize that he is still alive inside us.

So, probably in order to achieve a true healing and be able to solve those negative feelings and recover our emotional health, we have to start taking care of that Inner Child, and help him heal each of his wounds.

Of all the healing processes in our lives, healing our Inner Child is the most important.