India is one of the most culturally and climatically diverse countries in the world. Our country is reflected in its food scene. Therefore, each city has its own unique set of flavors and culinary styles. Generally, Indian food is known for its spicery. So, here we discover the best places in India that are perfect for food lovers. That places are really perfect for food lovers, food bloggers, and visitors. You can get a chance to taste various types of dishes from different cities. 

Here are the top 5 food destinations in India:

1. Kolkata:

Kolkata is well-known as the city of joy with its culturally and culinary rich. Kolkata’s assorted history is evident in its traditional cuisine. When talking about its foods, there’s nothing special than Roshogulla and Sandesh in Kolkata.

Besides Roshogulla and Sandesh, Mishti Doi is also a delectable traditional sweet that popular and loved by the locals of Kolkata. The city is famous for its delectable street foods such as spicy Fuchkas and Jhal Muri are famous across the country. Must try the other dishes like Mughlai cuisine at Shiraz Golden Restaurant, and Bengali cuisine at Bhojohori Manna.

2. Mumbai:

Mumbai has an impressive collection of traditional and advanced restaurants. From dirt-cheap street food to regional cuisine Mumbai has it all. In Mumbai, there the most delectable food items are Vada Pav, Bhel Puri, Pav Bhaji, Puran Poli, and many more items. 

In that city, there you can find the most delectable food Bombay Sandwich just like jimmy johns menu. This city is famous for its various kinds of regional cuisine Maharashtrian fare, Mughlai Kebabs, Kerala, and Gujarati Thalis, to global cuisine, including Continental, Modern American, Chinese, Italian, Thai, Mediterranean, European and Persian.

3. Delhi:

Delhi is famous for many things. However, its food scene is high up on the list. Delhi is often mentioned as the food capital of India. In every corner of the city, you will find delectable street foods. The list goes on with some delectable street foods like chole Bhature, Golgappe, Dahi Bhalla, aloo chat, and many more. 

In addition, Delhi has scores of award-winning restaurants. Delhi is just like a melting pot of various cultures and races. The city filled with many culinary delights like Kebabs, Butter Chicken, Rolls, many kinds of desserts, and many more items.  

4. Hyderabad:

Hyderabad is internationally-famous for its biryani, which you can find everywhere from roadside Dhabas to restaurants. Hyderabadi cuisine goes beyond biryanis and soul string haleem. Hyderabadi floods stand for an ongoing celebration. 

Some of the best Hyderabadi delectable dishes are Haleem, Hyderabadi Biryani, Hyderabadi Dum Ka Murgh, Mutton Dalcha, Shikampuri Kebab, Hyderabadi Phirni, and the best iconic dessert Khubani Ka Meetha. For any purpose, if you visit Hyderabad with your family and friends or even if you visit the city on a business trip, then you must try those delectable dishes and desserts in Hyderabad. 

5. Goa:

Goa is the smallest state in India. The state is just famous for its lively pub culture and beach parties. It has spread its wing with international cuisine from European, Mexican, Italian, new American, and fashion cuisine. 

The delectable dishes of Goa are mostly dominated by seafood such as tuna, pomfret, and mackerel fish. If you visit Goa with your family and friends, there you get a chance to taste the exemplified foods of Goa. The most exemplified foods are Goan Fish Curry, mexican candy shot, Chicken Cafereal, Shark Ambot Tik, Sorak, Samarcchi Kodi, and many more items. 


So, there we mentioned some of the best food destinations in India. Hope this article is helpful for you. Share this with your friends and family to visit those places and enjoy the flavorful tastes of delicious foods. For the Indians, the most important thing is sitting down with their family for a meal. An Indian meal is always meant to be shared. There everyone eats a bit of everything.