Second-hand technology offers resistance in the face of semiconductor crisis: Interest in second-hand technology products rose 103% in September compared to last. It seems that the semiconductor crisis is responsible for shortages in technological products like smartphones, computers and consoles. Milanuncios explains this.

A platform that specializes in the sale and purchase of second-hand products, has done an analysis of the market for second-hand technology in the past year. They have identified a sustainable and economically viable alternative to buying tablets, smartphones, or laptops in comparison to market uncertainty.

The semiconductor crisis of 2021 has impacted technology production. This has caused stock problems and shortages in virtually all industries.

The most popular products can be found in the categories of telephony or game consoles. With more than 560,000 advertisements in the past year, IT and telephony have maintained their stable offering. The iPhone led all searches throughout the year, particularly models 11 and 12. Next came the Nintendo Switch, 4 and 5.

Do you think it is possible to purchase second-hand technology?

Second-hand technology has shown steady growth despite the current crisis facing technological producers. Milanuncios’ total number of ads about technology in the past twelve months has reached 660,741, which is 10.9% more than the same period last years. The analysis shows that more than 1,800 ads per day have been published between telephony and computers, which is a market worth more than 136 millions euros.

These announcements focused a large portion on telephony and computers. 54%, or almost 346,000 advertisements, correspond to telephony, and 219,000 to computing. This includes computers, tablets, eBooks, and laptops. With more than 80,000 advertisements and 389,000 searches, the iPhone is clearly the most sought-after product in technology.

Inigo Vallejo (PR & Content Manager at Milanuncios) stated that it is possible to see microchip shortages more often based on the current forecasts by technology producers. This is the chance to convince ourselves of the benefits that second-hand technology can bring to consumers on an individual and social level.

The trend in supply for processors within the computing family is the same as that of the global market. It has posted 3,551 ads and a 67.6% decrease in its bid since October 2020, when it reached its maximum bid.

The same goes for video consoles. This is the one that has the lowest supply volume with over 95,000 ads. It represents a 37.6% decrease in supply since December 2020. Its demand is increasing, particularly for popular products like the Nintendo Switch and the Playstation 4, which are highly sought-after on the platform.

Here are some tips for selling and buying second-hand tech gadgets

Milanuncios experts will help you give new life to your devices.

If you plan to sell a secondhand product:

  • Reset to factory settings. It is crucial that the device’s software has been reset to factory settings. This will prevent problems like not being able boot the device with old passwords. Also, ensure that you have not inserted any SIM cards or memory cards into your device.
  • All accessories included. Good condition. A terminal that is in good condition and comes with all accessories and the box makes it more appealing for buyers. If you plan to post an advertisement, be as detailed as possible and include all information. Also, be truthful about the condition of the device. This will give buyers security. Product ads with more images and better quality will generate trust and lead to more offers.
  • Pick the most favorable time. The best time to place your ad on Milanuncios is just before the new version of the device becomes available. It will be easier to sell older versions, but searches for all models increase with each new version. Avoid overlapping sales dates or times like Cyber Monday or Black Friday. Milanuncios analysis shows that summer months have the lowest searches. It is when September arrives and students return to school that the demand for these products skyrockets.

If you plan to purchase a second-hand device

  • You get a guarantee when you buy. The manufacturer’s warranty on second-hand devices will apply regardless of who the device is owned. When purchasing a device, ensure that you have all documentation, including the warranty and original purchase receipt.
  • Use Milanuncios communication channels. After you receive your product, make sure you do all the checks necessary to ensure that it is exactly what you were promised. You will be able to file the required claims if you have followed all of the steps on the platform’s communication channels. You can also use the chat channel of the application to stay safe in any emergency.