Custom rigid boxes are boxes that are used for financially significant products. Like the computer or laptop that carries a lot of important data on it. The reason for using these boxes is that they prevent damage and leakage, and make shipping safe. Due to their hard and sturdy material, you don’t need to use extra protection for your products. In this way, the product inside is safe and reaches the customer in perfect and original condition. On top of that, customization of these boxes ensures the separate identity of your product which looks different from the ocean of other products.

Some of the advantages of these types of boxes are:

1: Ultimate Protection of the Product

Rigid packaging protects your valuable product from dents and scratches. It assures both the customers and the manufacturer that the item will reach the client in a good condition.

2: Additional Packaging No More Required

Although these boxes do not have any fragile boxes underneath, the rigid material or sheet of these boxes comes with a lot of protection. That is the reason, brands use a rigid box for their luxurious and valuable products. Not only this, you can save money that you could spend on additional packaging in the absence of these boxes.

3: Ensures a Distinct Identity of the Product with Customization

If you want to make your product stand out from its competitors, use custom boxes. You can choose the design and size of these boxes as per your needs. In this way, you will be able to ensure a separate personality of your product. The customers will feel attracted to your product and could not help but buy it.

Choose Your Style of Rigid Boxes as Per Your Requirements

Custom rigid boxes do not collapse or fold as folding cartons do and are sturdier than the latter. Their common name is set-up boxes. A very common example of these boxes is an iPhone box. Their use is more common for luxury and heavy products. Furthermore, these boxes are used for high-end products such as cosmetics, perfumes, watches, and jewelry. Many luxury brands use rigid boxes. In addition to this, you can customize these boxes with different styles and structures.

Following are some common styles of these boxes.

1: Telescope Box

The first style is the telescope box whose size and style can further be customized according to your demands and needs. These boxes can be of several types such as a shoebox, partially cover telescope box or fully cover telescope box.

2: Shoulder or Neck Rigid Boxes

In this box, the higher inner tray than the base creates a shoulder or neck. This is where these boxes get their name from. Moreover, into the base box, the inner tray is glued. Another alternative name for these boxes is shoulder neck boxes. The lid of these boxes does sit on top of the inner tray. What it gives is an extra level of color to your product. That is why luxurious and renowned brands use shoulder neck boxes for their products.

3: Hinged Flip Top Box

Now comes the classic style of these boxes which is flip-top boxes. Since it is easier to open and flip-top boxes, its traditional use has been to box cigars. Besides, these boxes add a magnet for closure.

4: Match Box or Tray and Sleeve Box

The sleeve box is a two-piece box and different card stock thickness is used in its making. Therefore, the common use of trays or matchboxes is for folding cartons.

5: Tube Boxes

Last but not the least, round boxes or tube boxes have no corners and are cylindrical in shape. And for opening, their style is similar to that of a shoulder box.

3s (Sturdiness, Support, and Strength) of Custom Boxes

Another significant aspect of these boxes is their ability to sustain the pressure of storage and shipping. Unlike other boxes, custom rigid boxes can easily handle the wear and tear of delivery and transportation. In any condition, they keep the product safe and intact. Their sustainability makes their use common during storing, packaging, and delivering.

As they are rigid themselves, they do not need any additional protection and packaging. Besides, they also save your money from inner safety inserts. These boxes are strong enough to provide ultimate strength, support, and protection to the product to ensure the latter still appeals to the customers.

Increase the Efficacy and Sale of the Product with Custom Boxes

As far as the increasing sale of the product is concerned, customer engagement is paramount. Engaging customers from production to delivery is a successful marketing strategy that grows your capital. However, it is also true that you cannot force customers to buy your product. So in order to attract them, brands and businesses use different interesting advertising techniques.

In this situation, the material of boxes, their design, layout, styles, and customization play a very important role. Products cannot attract new customers unless they have dull and average packaging. The custom box printing adds that special effect that compels the customers to buy your product. In this way, your sales witnesses a vertical rise.

Save the product as well as the Environment by Using Rigid Boxes

Saving nature has become a global pledge of governments and businesses as well. That is the reason, most brands use reusable boxes for the packaging of their products. However, several people are still reluctant in this regard. What stops them from using reusable boxes is their assumption of extra expense.

Interestingly, eco-friendly custom rigid boxes and materials save your money. If you have numerous products to package, start with smaller boxes for these products. Additionally, you can use larger boxes in your home for other things such as a desk organizer. In this way, you do not need to buy extra boxes for these items. You can also reuse boxes for small products as well. For instance, you can package a glass cleaner bottle or electric toothbrush in a reusable box while traveling. In this way, you will not only save your money but also play your part in saving the mother plant.