Whether you’re already married with children or still single, nothing quite matches the thrill of a boys’ vacation. Getting away from it all with your mates can provide the best laughs and ultimate relaxation spending time with like-minded individuals free from the typical stresses of work, family, and other related responsibilities. 

However, while the concept might sound great, often, men can struggle to come up with ideas that will keep them amused for a week or more. 

If you’re looking to organize a lads’ trip, below are some ideas that could keep you all content and busy for the duration of your time away. 

Organize a golf vacation

One surefire way to keep your group entertained is to arrange a golf vacation abroad. Also, planning Golf Trips in the US and Abroad can be pretty easy with numerous specialist travel operators looking after everything for you, from airport transfers to hotels and green fees. 

A golfing vacation successfully combines the best elements of a normal trip (i.e., sunshine, nightlife, and luxury hotels) with exercise and enjoyment throughout the day while you play. 

Take a European road trip by car or plane

Rather than settling in just one place for your entire trip, you could think about mixing things up a bit by renting a car or motorhome and visiting more destinations. Having a group of you driving across Europe can be the ultimate thrill trip – plus it allows you to experience cultures, sights, and attractions that you simply wouldn’t see on a more traditional, organized trip. 

Plan a ski or snowboard trip

Much like a golf vacation, a ski or snowboard trip will keep you all busy during the day while also combining those essential vacation elements of nightlife, potentially plush accommodation and (hopefully) good weather. 

Take a group trip to Las Vegas

The hotels, bars, nightclubs, casinos, and entertainment in Las Vegas are famed the world over, making this one of the most popular destinations for a boys’ vacation – just be sure to take enough spending money as this city is also known for its extravagance. 

Go to Munich’s famed Oktoberfest 

The two-week Oktoberfest is world-renowned for its non-stop party atmosphere. Each year over six million visitors attend this beer-drinking festival where fresh, locally brewed alcohol is always on tap. Oktoberfest must surely be one of the best boys’ vacations available. 

Road trip to an away game 

Watching your team play with your mates can be a great bonding experience – but it’s even better if you combine it with a short vacation and go to an out-of-town game. Load up the car with beers, assemble your best friends and hit the road. 

Arrange a camping trip

Boys’ vacations don’t necessarily need to be extravagant and expensive. Some of the best trip ideas involve very little cost or much organization. Taking a camping trip in the country with your mates can bring some of the longest-lasting memories without breaking the bank. Getting back to nature, cooking in the wild and living a bit rough for a few days is a great tonic for most guys.