A wedding is a memorable day that is full of happiness and joy. It’s one of the most remarkable yet stressful moments of your life. And during this wonderful day, you want to share some of the best moments with your friends and family. 

A well-put presentation with animations and videos is a great way to do so. Digital marketplaces like CreativeMarket, MasterBundles, and others offer a wide variety of templates that you can use to put together your wedding presentation. You can also use templates for planning, invitations, decorations, and more.

Wedding Presentation Checklist

A wedding day always includes some time dedicated to a wedding video or a presentation that highlights special moments of the relationship. You can use professional PPT templates to reduce the time spent on presentation design. Here are some key elements to include in your wedding presentation:

Collect videos and photos

This is a walk down memory lane. Keep your videos and photos short and interesting. The key tip to a wow effect is high-resolution photos rather than social media screenshots. 

Add meaningful music

Well-chosen music adds an emotional tone. Even plain couple photos come alive when paired with the perfect love song. You can choose the same song as for your first dance, the guests will then associate the song with your amazing relationship.

Add photos of your guests

You should also give your guests some appreciation as well. Include different stories that happened. Maybe some of them had a certain role in your relationship, including the meaningful moments that had the most impact. 

Wedding planning presentation checklist

With so many tasks and details to take care of, planning a wedding can seem overwhelming. But just a few checklists and timelines, make the job less successful and more exciting. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

A determined budget

First, determine a budget bottom line and who will be paying for what. Then you’ll need to locate funds accurately. Since these numbers will constantly vary, it’s smart to make a detailed spreadsheet. 

Guest list

When deciding on who to invite, consider your budget and what amount of people it allows. If you have disagreements on who to invite, split the list between your partner and each gets to choose 50% of the guests. Then you can send out invites. 

Theme selection

The vibe of the wedding needs to be a mutual decision. Agree on what’s important for both of you. This is the time to look for the venue, which is the main vibe setter. 


Create a checklist of all your dress/costume fittings so you don’t miss any. Choose the time when you need hair & makeup to arrive. You can also create a list of who will be attending your fittings. 

7 Premium MasterBundles Wedding Templates

MasterBundles has an impressive library of wedding PowerPoint templates. These templates will keep the special day under control. Choose from wedding checklists, guest lists, party planners, budgets, party menus and grocery lists, and ceremony decorations templates. 

  1. Modern Wedding Presentation Template 

If you are in search of a contemporary presentation this is the perfect template for you. Your presentation will stand out thanks to the neutral colors, clean composition, and strong images. 

  1. Wedding Place PowerPoint Template

This template has beautifully drawn leaf decorations. The theme is designed with a green color palette that resembles nature and gives the presentation a wild floral, gardening, organic vibe. 

  1. Wedding Invitation PowerPoint Template

The wedding invitation template has an elegant and stylish design, with 4 color schemes all with a feminine touch. It works great to create cozy invitations. 

  1. Wedding Themed PowerPoint Template

A clean and professional template, with a minimal and elegant design. Create a professional presentation with all the checklists you’ll need to create a carefree day. 

  1. Wedding Planning PowerPoint Template

Use these beautiful slides to put together a stunning presentation. The design of the template includes stylish pastel colors and hand-drawn flowers. A feminine vibe suitable for a wedding planner. 

  1. Wedding Slideshow PowerPoint Template

Surprise your audience with a unique and creative layout of the presentation. Add custom photos and relationship stories to make it fully custom to you. 

  1. Rustic Wedding PowerPoint Template 

Leave an impression on your guests with this rustic presentation template. Every slide of the presentation is unique and has details you can change to add a personal touch.