The reason behind Amazon’s persistent growth is the fact that it keeps on developing new products and different service offerings that continue to broaden its customer base. Amazon focuses on customer satisfaction and that is the reason that Amazon has broadened its target market. 

The trend of online shopping is becoming  a new normal ever since the pandemic has taken over. And Amazon offers its customers a wide range of products. not only customers but the sellers are also in benefit.  The overall discernments of the customer are analyzed by the e-commerce planners to provide the support to the merchants to develop and execute customer focused ingenuities online.

Amazon knows how to build a strong relationship with its customers and provide them with the impecabble  service and product. But there are few things that are being affected by Amazon such as small businesses.

Negative effects of Amazon on small businesses

Amazon is considered dangerous for the economy. What it does is it eradicates competitors and dictates the prices. They analyze the data on the sellers and the seller who has a popular product, they make a product that is somewhat similar to it and then sell it at a lower price even if it is at a loss. Now what happens is that the seller whose product is being copied, goes out of business and Amazon sets its price again.

Amazon is getting more powerful with time and its grip is getting stronger over the society and economy. We can stop this by bringing out this side of Amazon, and how it  is affecting the economy and people very badly.

Business operations have changed

Many sellers are now trying to compete with Amazon. Sellers and e-commerce planners are integrating Amazon as just a single channel in their ecommerce business plans. They do it with the hope that consumers will like the brand and look at instagram or their own website to explore more options. 

In order to get it right the sellers need to understand that if you want to compete with Amazon you need to come up with a great strategy. There are many brands and companies that are successful by taking this step. 

Be mobile friendly

In order to develop a strategy you have to keep one thing in mind that you are here to attract your audience or consumers. The strategy you choose should be simple enough for them to understand and address their concerns well. Majority of the audience uses Amazon on their phones and prefer shopping through the phone because it is a more convenient and preferable mode. 

Prefer using personalization for different demographic segments

People prefer innovations and new themes or models. That is what attracts them. You can start by simply showcasing additional products along with related products. You can add them below the featured products as well. You’ll learn these things with time and keep bringing changes in your idea of selling to attract more customers. The e-commerce planners provide the support to the merchants to develop and execute customer focused ingenuities online.

Fast delivery

This is something that every consumer wants. You should be able to have speedy and accurate fulfillment. Although Amazon FBA deals with this factor itself but if you are not an Amazon FBA user then you need to outsource warehouse and fulfillment to a trustee who can run the operation from your site. But keep in mind, don’t trust anybody or any fulfillment provider if they offer you a warehouse. Be vigilant in matters like these to protect your business from any scam. 

The important thing is to keep your customers happy and satisfied and for that you need to determine what is it that you can afford and make a promise which you can fulfill. There are various ways that you can choose but you need to be sure that the one you are choosing is best for you and your business and won’t be affected by any changes in Amazon.