Cyber security is one of the most in-demand professional fields in India and across the globe. With the flourishing technology industry, the need for cyber security has increased more than ever. Businesses have taken their operations online. However, there are significant concerns over ransomware attacks that weaponise cloud resources and make the network even more vulnerable. Thus the demand for cyber security experts is high across private, public, and government sectors for secure systems, data, and protection from cyberattacks.

If you aspire to make a lucrative career in cyber security, you must opt for a relevant course that will help you do that. There are multiple ways to enter the cyber security industry but a B.Tech cyber security offer multitude more advantage over other career paths. Prospective students can leap through the booming cyber security industry with an undergraduate degree with a background in technology and information technology(IT). 

B.Tech Cyber Security: Programme Overview

A well-designed B.Tech in cyber security is a four-year undergraduate course that students can pursue after completing higher secondary school with at least 50% marks in subjects, including Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The eight-semester course work facilitates the development of theoretical knowledge and industry-oriented skills. Cyber security specialisation in B.Tech emphasises developing a comprehensive knowledge of Data Structure, Network Security, Cyber Crime, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Intrusion Detection, Advanced Database Management Systems, IT Application, Data Security, and Prevention Systems, etc. 

Cyber Security Career Landscape

Cyber Security is one of the most important aspects of many private and government organisations, mid and large enterprises, and start-ups. In India, there is a high demand for cyber security specialists. According to Business Insider India, by 2025, there will be approximately 3.5 million job opportunities in cyber security. India needs cyber security professionals ranging from security architects to ethical hackers to chief information security officers(CISOs). 

Thus, now is the best time to opt for a B.Tech in cyber security from a top-notch college in India. Typically for new-age courses like cyber security, machine learning, the Internet of Things, etc., Dehradun has established itself as the hub for offering various new-age technology courses.

Here’s how to start a career in cyber security

In general, to start a career in cyber security, one must understand the prerequisites of the cyber security industry.

1. B.Tech degree in Cyber Security or Computer Science

2. Basic and Advanced knowledge of firewalls and endpoint security

3. Versed with programming languages and tools, including Java, Python, C++,      Ruby, Go, Node, Power Shell

4. An updated knowledge of the latest development in cyber security technology and    industry, trends, and hacking tactics

5. Ability to work under pressure and fast-paced environment

6. Clear understanding of confidentiality issues and laws related to cyber security

These are the prerequisites of a cyber security career. The B.Tech programme in Cyber Security is the best alternative to enter the cyber security industry. The four-year bachelor’s programme can equip the students with all the prerequisites, ranging from programming languages to skills central to building a career in cyber security. Take the next leap in your career with the B.Tech degree in cyber security. Log on to our website now and apply for a B.Tech in Cyber Security!