For clothing products, sellers usually hire models for photoshoots. While they present a product in the best possible way, they are often distracting and require excessive editing. A better alternative is to use invisible mannequin photography, providing customers with a distraction-free, more precise view of the product. Furthermore, mannequins are more efficient and cost-effective than hiring models.

If you plan to create pictures for your clothing products that you can put on eCommerce platforms, then we recommend ghost mannequin photography. As a ghost mannequin photography service, EtherArts Photography has helped hundreds of apparel brands succeed with online selling, and we can do the same for you. For over two decades, we have consistently created success for our clients using the Ghost Mannequin Photography technique.

In this post, we share some pro tips on setting up a ghost mannequin product photoshoot for your products.

Tips on Setting Up a Ghost Mannequin Product Photoshoot

Mannequin setup 

First, you must choose the right mannequin size for ghost mannequin photography. Mannequins are available in every possible size and body type, and you must pick the right kind for the garments. However, this approach can be expensive. Unique, highly configurable mannequins are available that you can adjust to fit any garment, regardless of size and fabric.

Studio setup 

Next, you will have to set up the studio. For ghost mannequin photography, the best studio lightning is the soft one. Such a setup will ensure that the clothing colors are not overexposed, which can make the colors appear different in pictures. It is also essential to capture high-quality contrast pictures of the products.

Also, you have to keep the background white for the best picture quality. Some eCommerce platforms like Amazon make it mandatory to have white backgrounds for product images. But there is also a technical advantage. A white backdrop lets the light reflect on the product better. Also, it’s much easier to remove in Photoshop.

Additionally, you must shoot all the pictures from a tripod to maintain the best angles. Ensure consistency; shoot all low-angle shots together and then the top shots. Position your camera so that the white backdrop fills the entire frame.

Product editing to create the ghost mannequin effect 

Open the image in photoshop and open the layer panel. Then unlock the background layer by double-clicking on it. Name this layer as’ layer 0.’ It is a good practice to name layers in the sequence they appear.

Next, create a duplicate layer with a right-click on the background layer. Fill this layer with white color as it will act as the background of the final product image. Now rearrange the layers such that the white background is at the bottom, the background in the middle, and layer 0 at the top.Now using the pen tool remove the background from the product. 

Some additional tips

To get the best results from your invisible mannequin photography session, you have to ensure that the garment is put in the right way on the mannequin. It is crucial to get the best quality pictures. Here are some tips to get the best photos:

  1. It’s essential to keep the mannequin symmetrical with arms pointing down. This position will help create a balanced view of the product from all angles that will appealingly present the product.
  2. If the garment does not fit perfectly on the mannequin, use clips and pins to put it right. Also, you can use a foam core to adjust the size of the garment.
  3. Always maintain neutral or plain backdrops, or the product will have harsh shadows. Such settings also facilitate editing during the post-processing of the images.
  4. Always steam or iron the clothes before the photoshoot. This clears any creases and ensures there are no visible folds or gaps when you are taking pictures.
  5. Finally, always keep the camera at the same height as the product. This will ensure that you create a point of view that shoppers will have if they look at the product in real life.

These subtle measures can make a lot of difference to the overall quality of your invisible mannequin photography.


You have to follow these steps to set up the ghost mannequin in the best configuration for professional-quality product images. You can boost your online sales with this photography mode as it appeals to your customers and makes your products appear realistic.

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