Security Testing Service: You’ve probably heard the fact that 80% of data breaches are the result of human error or carelessness. Many business owners are aware of the importance of keeping their information and systems secure from cyber-attacks. Did you know that you can efficiently accomplish this by using penetration testing? Pen testing, also known as “pen testing,” is an approach where an organization contracts with an outside party to penetrate their systems and networks in order to identify weaknesses. In this blog we’ll discuss the reasons every business should think about pen testing, what you should look for in a reliable pentesting company and how to choose the best one to meet your needs.

What is Penetration Testing?

It’s the method by which an organization hires an external party to attempt hacking into their systems and networks to identify weaknesses. The results of these tests to help with security planning for example, changing firewalls or enhancing the policies regarding passwords. The tests are typically conducted by skilled ethical hackers who collaborate with administrators of the targeted business to ensure they don’t cause damage during the test (e.g. shutting off servers).

Why Do You Need Penetration Testing?

If your business handles sensitive information or has a lot of security risks, conducting penetration tests using software could be extremely beneficial. It can also be beneficial in cases where an organization wants to enhance its security overall but isn’t sure where to begin. In such cases pen testing could provide insights into the areas that of the organization are most vulnerable , and how they can be remedied.

The main benefits of automated penetration testing are:

  • It can help you spot any weaknesses in your network prior to attackers exploiting them.
  • This provides security knowing the data of your company is safe and safe from hackers and other threats.
  • Pen testing will help you be in compliance with regulations for example, PCI DSS GDPR, PCI DSS, etc.
  • It may also assist you to identify weaknesses which could result in the destruction of confidential information or other damage, like intellectual property theft.
  • It will help you improve the security of your company and protect against attacks in the future.

Why Turn to Pen Testing Service Providers?

There are many reasons an organization might decide outsourcing pen tests

  • They don’t have in-house resources or the expertise to complete it on their own.
  • They would like the tests to be conducted with professionalism and fairness. way.
  • They require help in integrating the pen test to their general security plan.

What Should a Good Pentesting Service Include?

When you are looking for a pentesting provider It is important to take into consideration the following factors:

Vulnerability scanning

Scan the target for any weaknesses that might be present and reporting the results in a report to the user. Targeted attacks can be used as means of testing whether your system are able to withstand attacks from external hackers and also to identify vulnerabilities in them.

Attacks with a specific target:

These tests are performed by skilled ethical hackers who collaborate with network administrators at the target organization to ensure that they don’t cause damage in the course of the test (e.g. closing off servers). This will help you determine the areas where you have weaknesses and the areas that need to be addressed to fix them before the actual breach happens.

Configuration assessment:

A review of the level of security your system configurations are essential when pen testing, as it allows us to determine what modifications that were made without prior notice or authorization from you which could result in vulnerabilities being exploited much more easily than they otherwise would be capable of.

Audit of security and compliance audit:

This is a procedure that checks the extent to which your organization has met the compliance standards, like PCI DSS.

Responding to security incident:

If an incident occurs that requires pentesting, the pentesting company must have a strategy that outlines how to deal with it, and what steps are taken to deal with the issue.

Threat intelligence:

The gathering of information on possible threats and threats to your business. This will help you be aware of any attack which could be targeted at your company in particular.

Risk management:

This is especially beneficial because it helps you understand and control the risks associated when operating a business online. It’s essential because it helps you make educated decisions regarding which areas your security efforts should be focusing.

Monitoring ongoing:

This involves continuously monitoring and evaluating your organization’s security policies to spot any potential risks or changes that could have arisen.

Suggestions and remedies:

When a pentesting test is carried out, the provider should send you the report, which includes suggestions on how you can improve your security , as well as ways to fix any identified weaknesses.

Updates live and dashboard for Clients:

The dashboard of the client provides you with real-time details about the pentesting project including the tests that were conducted, what results have been found and when reports will be made available. This keeps you updated about what is happening with the test in real-time.

The ability to report:

The capability to create detailed reports on the results found during penetration testing. They can be used to determine the exact issue that requires being addressed first, as sometimes only a small tweak could prevent other issues from occurring at the same time If done correctly.

How to Select a Penetration Testing Provider?

You might want to ask:

  • What kinds of penetration testing solutions does the company provide?
  • What is the time frame for the results?
  • What is the frequency you receive regular updates on reports of discoveries made in every engagement?
  • What is the policy of the company regarding the disclosure of weaknesses?
  • Does the company comply with any of the standards, like GDPR, PCI DSS or NIST?
  • What is the level of experience on the pentesting staff?
  • Do you have any references from your previous customers?
  • How much is price of the penetration test services? What does it cost in comparison to other companies?


When you are deciding on a penetration testing service it is important to think about several aspects. If you ask the relevant questions, you’ll make sure you get an option that will meet your particular requirements and needs. A few of the most important aspects are the type of service provided, the amount of duration it takes for the results to be visible as well as the frequency at which updates are given and what data is disclosed.