When you want to greet someone, you can say Buenos dias or Bonjour, or you can simply wish them a good day. An individual phrase could make someone feel special. If you don’t know what to say, you can always try calling them a sweetie instead. This is a cute way to say good morning. Even if you don’t know how to say it properly, these phrases will still make people smile.

Buenos dias

“Buenos dias” is a Spanish greeting that means “good day” or “good morning”. Although ‘buena manana’ is often used as an alternative spelling, this is incorrect because ‘dia’ is a masculine noun. It’s a common greeting that’s used in the morning to greet friends and family. Buenos dias can be a wonderful greeting that you can say to anybody.

Buenos dias/Good morning is a universal greeting. The Spanish translation is particularly useful for travelers to Spanish-speaking nations. Although “hello” is a common greeting, it can be a bit too short for Spanish-speaking people. You can improve your communication skills and blend in with locals by learning simple Spanish phrases. If you are unsure about the correct greeting for any situation, consider practicing these phrases. Read More…


Greeting someone in French can be difficult. Luckily, there are some ways to say “good morning” in French. “Bonjour” sounds similar to “good morning” in English, but the way to pronounce it is slightly different. “Bonjour” is pronounced like “bon,” with a nasal quality in the middle, and it is slurred onto a soft “jhe” sound. Then, you should say “bonjour-a tous” for everyone else.

While a common greeting for most situations, saying “good morning” isn’t always appropriate. In some areas of Switzerland, for example, one might use “tschau” which sounds similar to “ciao” in Italy. In France and other countries, however, it is more polite to pronounce the word. Even if you’re saying “good morning” to someone on the street, it’s not necessary to be a socially awkward person.

Sugeng enjing

Once you know how to say “Good morning” in Indonesian, it is simple. Indonesian has several dialects and the proper way to say each is different depending on the person you are speaking with. To communicate with locals, you can use Bahasa Indonesia (the official language of Indonesia). Learn how to say hello and goodbye to Indonesians in this article. You can also learn about Indonesian culture by reading the following articles.

Another common way to say good morning in Indonesia is to greet your neighbors and family. Those who live in Indonesia can say this to you at any time of day. If you’re younger than your family members, use “sugeng tilesm” to greet them. For older people, say “selamat pagi kak” instead. Using “muck-chick” means “good morning aunty.”

Goeie more

There are many ways you can greet someone depending on their situation. It doesn’t matter if you’re entering a building or on a street corner, saying “Good morning” is polite. The phrase in English is usually followed by a question. In German, however, “good morning” consists of a noun and an adjective. Depending on the region, there are also variations in how to say it.

The language Altai belongs to the Turkic language family and is the official language of the Altai Republic in Russia. The word Aklanon is the Austronesian language used in the Philippines to say good morning. It is spoken in Aklan province, which is located on the island of Panay, where there are about 460,000 native speakers. Aleut is a language from the Eskimo–Aleut family. It’s spoken in Alaska’s northern regions. The word for good morning in Aleut is Qilachxizax.