Influencer marketing is among the most effective methods of branding online, and it is expected to continue to expand globally in the next few years.

According to researchers from digital marketing eMarketer, the amount of money spent on the marketing of Influencers within the U.S. will grow 12.2 percent by 2022 to $4.14 billion. In 2022 and 2023 the budget is expected to increase at a pace of 11-12%, which will eventually reach $5 billion.

What is influence marketing?

The goal is connecting a brand to its intended audience through influential bloggers, also known as opinion experts or influential individuals. If you’ve ever purchased something that was recommended by a blogger you admire you’ve been the “victim” of influencer marketing.


  • Naturalness. Advertisements can be integrated into the content, which means they won’t be seen as a form of advertisements. People are interested in the products their favorite blogger purchased from the store that is advertised and the benefits the blogger gets from them, and the way he or she utilizes the products.
  • The capability of directing ads to the right people. If you select Influencers with an audience that is like your customers and you are able to get targeted traffic. In these cases the conversion rate is likely to be higher than other kinds of promotions.
  • The possibility of the possibility of advertising for free. If the blogger is satisfied with the product, he is able to continue using it and keep reminding customers.
  • Feedback from bloggers’ viewers. Subscribers frequently share their feedback to bloggers about the product they bought because of their recommendations. Through this, you will be able to gather valuable data from new customers review, complaints and compliments, and complaints. In this regard it’s helpful to read the comments that are posted under the materials that advertisements are placed.

Let’s define the problems that must be completed

Influencer marketing can be employed to raise awareness of brands and sales. We’ll look at a full list of issues that this kind of marketing can accomplish:

  • in order to boost the amount of of leads;
  • to boost brand recognition
  • to boost the image of the company
  • to boost the trust level;
  • to increase demand or increase an increase in demand
  • to introduce a brand new product on the market;
  • Increase awareness of the product
  • get customers to your site;
  • to increase in the amount of customers to the profile of the business
  • illustrate the benefits of the purchase
  • Get rid of objections
  • Present a temporary promotion
  • to boost confidence in the business
  • enter a new market segment.

To be clear, in addition to influencing marketing, you should also make use of SMM panels. These are special resources that are designed to help promote social media. They offer services like: buy YouTube views, purchase auto Instagram story views and buy YouTube Live stream view views, and other services.

If you think that it’s risky and unusable, you’re wrong! The first is when working with a trusted website that offers the possibility of not being banned in the first place. Furthermore, it helps to attract organic traffic. Algorithms detect that your content is engaging and make recommendations which provide more coverage and a larger audience.

Making preparations for an explosion of traffic that is targeted

To make your campaign successful, you have prepare your website and social media prior to launching it.

What you should do BEFORE letting your ads out from blogger:

  • Take a look at your website and social media accounts from the perspective of your prospective customer. What might be confusing to them and what specific actions should he be taking or if there is the motivation to stay and read more about the offer.
  • You can also make an offer with a specific message and make it clear on the top of your main banner/profile on the website/pop-up within the last three posts, or in the page of landing.
  • You should think about what to do when a large number of orders are placed on your desk simultaneously – where you can find more products and resources.
  • Write scripts that will work with the audience that resulted from the blogger’s ads.
  • Be prepared to be immediately available and respond quickly to any new customers from the moment the advertisement goes out.

Even if you have the best advertisement and your potential customers have already put aside funds to purchase the item They will be able to see that the payment method is not working or there is a non-intuitive sequence of actions is only to the negative.

How to choose the blogger

The selection of a blogger is related to the attributes of your brand as well as the goals you have set in the context of influencer marketing. It’s all about the characteristics of your brand:

  • Platform: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok.
  • Popularity The most popular are nanobloggers (up 10000 subscribers) Microblogger (up 100 to 150,000 subscribers) macro-blogger (up at 1 million) Millionaire blogger.
  • The content of the blogger’s blog: if you do video reviews or runs contests, is he prepared to serve as an ambassador for brands.
  • The manner of blogging and their tone of voice (tone of voice) The blogger’s tone of voice is rude, emotional and from the masses who are athletic, smart.

As per Influencer Marketing Hub research, 68% of businesses choose Instagram as their primary platform for their strategy to market through influencers. Tik Tok ranks second, with 45percent of companies making use of this platform to interact with bloggers.

The blogger’s ads and monitoring the outcomes

Perform actions that can be beneficial for the performance. After the blogger’s ad has been released:

  • Go to the blog’s post on the official account of the company and thank them for their comments. you could offer discounts or complete your own important task by leaving a comment – you could be noticed by readers there.
  • Answer comments made about you in the comments section below the blogger’s blog post. Most people who are interested will respond within 3 days. You can invite them to join your account or send them messages directly in the event that you find that they are interested.
  • Following a period of one week, request for a detailed analysis of the materials , including screenshots of your personal account.
  • Examine the data of your account, and calculate the number of leads as well as sales.

If you are able, take into consideration the investment return, including the net profits.

To summarize

  • Influencers should be selected not just based on how many subscribers but also by their target audience, engagement, as well as the tone of voice.
  • Influencers are different in terms of their intended audience and their style of presentation, therefore you will need to select the best one for your requirements.
  • The more complicated the product more complex, the longer it will take to explain its importance to the users.