Stress is a menace that affects almost everyone. This mental health condition manifests in various ways and dovetails into many parts of one’s life. As a result, it is not surprising for one’s productivity to take a hit due to too much stress.  

Yet, it is essential to get healthy coping mechanisms to tackle stress. When stress gets too much, it floods the bloodstream with cortisol. This notorious stress hormone can take its toll on emotions and physical health. The body experiences this via high blood pressure, mental anxiety, and fatigue, affecting productivity at work.  

However, one can engage natural means to relieve stress and improve productivity. Here are some reliable tips that can help you: 

Take Regular breaks  

Working nonstop does not necessarily make you productive. Even though it might help you get things done, your stress level increases, and your effectiveness reduces. You end up exhausted, which affects your work output in consequent days.  

Fixating on working for so long does not necessarily help productivity. A human’s attention span is short and gradually loses interest and zeal if the brain is fixated on a single action for long.  

Regular break while working is essential, no matter how small the interval. The idea is to soak yourself in work for about 45 minutes to one hour and take a break for 10 minutes. That structured time-out will allow your brain to relax, focus on something else and tackle the task before you.  

Use CBD 

CBD is another natural substance that one can use to relieve stress and stay productive. This substance comes from the hemp plant and features a series of positive effects that can help upgrade mental and physical health.  

CBD motivates the natural cannabinoids, which influence mood and wellbeing. Many people have reported incredible stress relief from using CBD. Not only that, but CBD can also improve focus which fuels productivity. It achieves this by clearing the thought so that one can focus. 

When you are in a good mood, your productivity at work will remain at its peak. If you want CBD to relieve stress, you can check trusted online store  as they have wholesale cbd flower for sale. You can make CBD part of your morning routine by adding CBD oil to your morning coffee or consuming the gummies as you go about your day. 

Sleep Well 

Sleep is essential to health and your overall productivity. Not sleeping well sets the stage for stress which harms productivity. This explains why one might not be able to concentrate or do anything tangible on a day when you couldn’t get much sleep the previous night.  

Sleep is not for the weak, as believed by many. This nighttime ritual is essential for rejuvenation and revitalization, enabling you to tackle what the day holds.  

For people who have trouble sleeping, you can improve your sleep health in many ways. Take a cold shower before bed, get rid of all light sources from your room, and avoid screens. This supports the production of melatonin. Avoid caffeine late into the night and reduce liquid consumption as well.  

Practice Visualization 

Continuous staring at the laptop screen or mobile phone for a long also fuels stress. In contrast, gazing at the ocean, a vast expanse of green grass, or the night sky reduces stress.  

This principle is that staring triggers stress; being a focal vision while gazing softly triggers the panoramic vision that tends to stimulate one. This explains why gazing at the ocean relaxes the brain and calms one down. When you close your eyes in preparation for sleep, one is in panoramic vision, which also triggers sleep. 

These are automatic biological responses that are common every day. However, one can also intentionally trigger this response. Take a break from staring at the laptop screen once and gaze into the sky or distance through the window. This action will give your eyes a break, reduce stress, and make you more productive. 

Reduce Stress via Movement 

Exercising can also go a long way to reduce stress and make you productive. Many top executives know this, so they encourage their workers to exercise by providing a gym for workers. However, even if your office does not have a gym, you can do simple things to work out.  

A simple 20 minutes walk can have a tremendous effect on your stress level and boost your productivity. So, you need not enroll at the gym before you reap the benefits of working out. Go for it if you can register at the gym or fitness center. 

Going for a walk or jog lets you disconnect and gives your brain something else to focus on. Adequate training ensures the release of dopamine and endorphins, which make you feel good. They also combat cortisol, the stress hormone that wrecks a series of havoc on the body.  

Consider Vacations 

Your productivity will severely be hampered if you work nonstop every working day of the year. Reputable organizations understand the significance of staying off work for a couple of weeks during the year.  


There are many reliable tools that one can engage in to relieve stress and improve productivity. This article has explored some practical tips that can provide incredible stress relief.