Although mechanical keyboards can be fun to use, they can sometimes get too loud for those working in quieter offices. You might find mechanical keyboards louder, especially if they have clicky switches. So how can you deal with this?

You’re here because you want to learn more about how to silence a keyboard.

This article will explain how to silence your keyboard and make it quieter so you can type quietly without disturbing your coworkers.

How to make small gaming keyboards quieter

Using any of these methods, you can make your mechanical keyboards quiet.

  1. Desk Mat

A desk mat is the best and easiest way to use a quiet keyboard. The keyboard vibrates under your fingers and amplifies the noise by banging on the desk.

You can reduce the noise by attaching a barrier between your keyboard and your desk.

A desk mat placed underneath your keyboard will dampen the vibrations and you’ll notice a significant reduction in noise.

You can’t just use any mat. A mat with a rubber bottom or cloth top will work. Make sure the mat is long enough to accommodate your keyboard and mouse. To get a thicker desk mat or pad, visit this website.

2. Foam

Vibration can make your keyboard sound irritating. You can stop vibrations by following a simple process. Another way to reduce vibrations and ultimately reduce noise is to add foam inside the keyboard.

You will need a screwdriver, a foam layer, and some ideas.

  • Neoprene is the best foam to dampen keyboard vibrations. It’s budget-friendly and affordable. Neoprene foam can be purchased online.
  • Sorbothane is a foam that can be used to silence your keyboard. It’s thick and can withstand shock or impact.

You can also use packing foam if none of these foams are possible. Although it might sound odd, this foam helps to dampen vibrations.

After you have chosen the foam, you can begin the process by unscrewing the screws at the back of your keyboard. The process time will vary depending on which keyboard you have.

The foam should be placed between the bottom case and the PCB. However, if you have plastic clip closures on your keyboard, you may need to work around the edges of the foam to make it fit properly.

Once the foam has been installed, it is possible to screw back and start the keyboard. The shaking and noise will be noticeably reduced.

3. O-Rings

O-rings are small, steel-plated rings that wrap around the stem of your switch and below the keycaps to dampen the keyboard’s response. These rings are very affordable and you can order them in bulk online.

O-rings can be easily found, but it is not easy to install each one. It’s well worth it, so I recommend O-rings. Slide each O-ring into each switch by removing all keycaps. After all rings have been installed, push the keycaps back. O-rings are the best option because they are inexpensive, don’t interfere in the backlight, are removable, and come in a variety of colors.

Ring is designed to dampen the sound from the core. It would be the switches in this instance. Each keystroke causes impact and can be stopped with an O-ring. The O-rings may not feel right the first time you use them, but once you get used to them, they will become more comfortable.

4. Lubrication

Another way to make your keyboard more quiet is by using this method. This reduces the spring-ping effect of your mechanical keyboard when you use them too often. Although this is a time-consuming process, the results are amazing.

It might be a strange sound that your keyboard makes with every keystroke. The reason your keyboard makes annoying clicking sounds is that the stem and spring of the switch rub against one another, increasing friction which causes vibration.

You can reduce friction between switches and type with confidence, without disturbing coworkers, by using the right lubricant

Krytox 205G0 is the best lubricant on the market. It will nourish your keys and make them quieter. Simply remove the switch from the case, then apply the lubricant to the edges and middle. Then put the switches back together.

5. New switches

You can always buy new switches if nothing else works. You can choose to use tactile or linear switches if your keyboard is prone to clicking. Silent switches can be purchased that provide maximum retention and smooth, silent performance for the highest level of accuracy.

Rubber padding reduces the keyboard’s noise and makes silent switches more reliable. If you are not a fan of mushy keystrokes you may not like new switches. You can try other methods instead.

6. Band-aids

You can use this household item to quieten your keyboard. They are very absorbable.

You only need a few bandaids that are large enough to fit on the stabilizer pad and small enough to fit on the PCB. The thicker the band, the better the result. Therefore, try to use as many band-aids possible.


A noisy keyboard can cause chaos in your day to work. If you use the right technique, it is possible to reduce the sound of your keyboard and still work efficiently.