The increase in followers on Twitter Growing the number of followers on Twitter is among the main goals of companies who use the social media platform for marketing. Since its inception back in 2006 Twitter has grown to become an integral element in the online communication of companies with their clients. The positive aspect is that in 2020, there will be a thriving market of 187 million people which is up 29% over the year before. In this informative guide we will go over the methods which can be used to help make Twitter your ideal business partner. We’ve skipped the most obvious steps like creating your profile and adding your profile picture.

1. Hashtag Usage

Hashtags bring thousands of tweets and can be a fantastic method to engage with individuals who aren’t part of your customer base. Hashtags improve the visibility of content and allow businesses to participate in conversations. For a business account, select terms pertinent to your business. Also, don’t overuse them or your posts could look as if they’re spam.

2. Direct Messages are a Method to Success

Take care of all customer concerns by sending direct messages. The most important thing is that customer retention will improve in a matter of minutes. Don’t let your customers down after sales have been made or they’ll feel like they’ve been cheated. React to your customers and address their concerns by direct messaging and you’ll get results that will increase your brand’s popularity.

3. Business Related Pictures and Polls

Utilize the built-in Twitter GIF tool or interact with your followers using images that are in line with your branding. It is also possible to create polls that have relevance to the industry and will be a great way to draw your followers. Photos of your products or new products will get very positive reviews, as they will be a great source of publicity for brands that are on twitter. Twitter is a huge community and utilizing it effectively can bring enormous benefits for your company.

4. Live Tweets

Another great method to engage with your customers. If something happens which is connected to your company or is expected to impact the business by any means, inform your customers be aware. Live tweets are a fantastic way to connect with your customers and provide them with updates as the event progresses. Create responses to the original tweet in a way that your followers be aware of the entire conversation without interruptions to communication.

5. Twitter Chats

Utilize an active hashtag to engage with people who use it and to address the most commonly asked concerns about your business. It can be connected to any topic to make it worthwhile to read. Chats like this are an excellent method to demonstrate the personality of your company. They also let you be aware of what users are thinking about your products and services.

6. Get Your Account Verified

It’s among the best methods to gain the trust of your customers. The greatest benefit is that it allows users to recognize the brands and then adhere to the right accounts. If you have a verified account, your trust with your customers grows. The interaction with your brand is simple for consumers and they are guaranteed to stay loyal to your products and services when the accounts are verified