Based on Instagram Business 60% of the users using the platform use it to find new products, 80percent of them follow more than one company while 66% of their profile visits are made by non-followers.

These numbers clearly indicate positively for Instagram’s commercial potential, which is illustrated by the many Instagrammers who are already earning money from their content. This is not just influencers and creators, in fact and also service providers, nonprofits and drop shippers to just some.

Making money from Instagram is ultimately about the ability to reachinfluence as well as social media knowledge which are all scarce in many businesses even to this day.

If you’re planning to turn Instagram your main source of income, or simply an extra income source. There are a variety of options to grow Instagram followers. Which one(s) is the most suitable for you will be determined by your position in relation to the three elements previously mentioned.

Before we get into the meat of this article, however, let’s make sure that Instagramming-for-pay is worth your while.

Does it actually possible to earn money from Instagram?

In light of the article’s title and the subject matter, it would be awkward to answer “no”. Actually, it’s an overwhelming “yes”. But more than that, by 2022, earning money from Instagram has never been simpler.

It’s not a secret that business-minded creators are always aware of how the wind is blowing and Instagram recognizes this. While competition is raging through TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube the company has made it its top priority to assist creators earn a living from the platform.

Particularly in the Instagram’s first Creator Week this June, Instagram unveiled a variety of new ways to earn money, aside from creating content sponsored by advertisers and affiliate marketing, which has for a long time been the main sources of Instagram revenues.

In addition it is also introducing the following features:

  • Live Badges which allow fans to show their support for creators by purchasing hearts for prices ranging from $0.99 and $4.99. 4.99
  • Native affiliate tool in-app created to allow creators to share the latest products they discover at checkout with their followers . They also make commissions from purchase they generate.
  • Rewards for completing milestones by completing the Live Badges or Stars Challenges for example, going live using another account, or broadcasting for a specific amount of hours or hours, etc.
  • exclusive stories is basically Instagram’s take on Twitter’s paid Super Follows subscription model.

In addition, Instagram also teased gated content, merch-related initiatives and NFTs, as well as revenues from IGTV ads, rewards for uploading Reels as well as money for creators (though it’s unlikely that they’ll give cash out to creators in the same way as YouTube is).

Additionally, as Instagram is among the top engagement rate, brands are constantly seeking potential partners.

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Okay But which type of sum of money do we have to talk about?

The economy of the creator is as vast as it is deep therefore the amount you make will be contingent on the size of your audience as well as your commitment to work as well as many other variables.

If that you’re in the same league as Kylie Jenner or Selena Gomez However, making millions per post is not out of the question. Which is fine since the majority of people aren’t inclined to tie their hopes to a rocket and launching it toward the Moon.

What doyou be able to do through Instagram?

Micro-influencers, the biggest part of the influencer pie having an average of 6,000 to 10,000 followers as an example Influence & Co. offers this breakdown of the micro-influencers:

More than 2 000 users: $50 per post

2 to 10k fans: $75 to $100 per post

10 to 100k followers Between $50 and $250 for each post

100,000-1 million users: $500 to 1,000 per post

Over 1 million followers: $1,000+ per post

When you look at real-world examples However, these numbers appear to be a little too conservative in that it’s not unreasonable to think that you could make some more.

For instance the food-focused photographer Liv B. (@ItsLivB With more than 102K followers) is said to earn anything from $300 to $500plus per post.

Being a bit more towards the liberal side of the spectrum, let’s say the following follows you at 3,000 and earn $150 per post in the average. If you post every day, it could amount to $54,750 over the course of a year. When you consider that it won’t cost you anything and will not take up too much time This is pretty amazing!

And, don’t overlook that it is possible to grow your following over time.

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