The covid pandemic slowed the economy and many people lost their jobs. One industry that suffered massive losses is the hospitality industry. With the world slowly opening up, people are rushing to hotels for vacations. How to capitalize on this rush? Start working in the hotel and tourism industry.

Institutes like BEST, provide many opportunities to students to train and earn a degree to work in hotels. Considering how many students apply to work in this industry, the question arises, how does one make a mark in the industry.

Tips To Make A Career In Hotel And Tourism Industry

For new students who are about to graduate, stated below are some tips on building up a sustainable future in the hotel industry.

Degree: The first tip on how to start a successful career in the hotel industry is to earn a relevant degree. There are several universities and colleges dedicated to providing hospitality management degrees. Particularly, the B Schools in Bangalore and across India have both short-term diploma and long-term degree programs. Look for all possible options, their duration and also the cost of the course. These courses will teach not just the theoretical portion but also provide practical training to work in the hospitality industry. Recruiters always prefer a candidate with a hotel management degree over someone who doesn’t have it.

Work Experience: When looking for jobs, in all industries, a resume with several relevant extracurricular experiences will help. There are many activities that most universities offer or the student can do in their free time during the course duration. One must take care to choose the right activities. In the case of hotel management, learning a foreign language, being a part of student management or council, or taking part in community services will help. The goal is to show recruiters that the applicant has demonstrated leadership skills or has experience in interacting with the general public.

Polish Soft Skills: Hospitality workers must have impeccable soft skills besides technical skills. Applicants are expected to have good communication skills, be good listeners, be quick workers and also must be quick on their feet to make decisions. These skills will develop eventually once candidates start working in the field. However, there are many short term courses that can help students develop these skills. Along with leadership skills candidates must also have teamwork ability. Having these skills is essential not just to survive in the industry but also to quickly receive promotions.

Entry Level Jobs: It is unrealistic to assume that freshers with no prior work experience would be given a leadership position right at the start. That is only possible when the candidate has previous work experience in the field. One sign of knowing that one needs to look for entry-level jobs is if there are constant interview rejections. Start by applying to entry-level jobs in the chosen field. Stick to the job, put in the required effort and gain experience. With experience, it would be easier to apply to senior jobs. To understand what the type of job is, look into the job description.

Volunteering: Another method to gain experience before applying for work is to do volunteering. There are many not-for-profit organizations and charitable organizations that require volunteers for different events. These events are perfect to practice one’s soft skills. One can start by talking with customers and getting to understand how to provide good guest service. Taking initiative and taking up a head role in such events would show leadership skills. Managing a large scale event would also help recruiters know that a candidate has good management abilities as well.

Jobs In The Hotel And Tourism Industry

Hotel management colleges in Bangalore provide their own placements at hotels and resorts across the country and abroad. The hotel and tourism industry is wide and there are many job profiles depending on the department one is working at. For reference sake, some profiles a B.Sc catering science and hotel management graduate can work at are as below.

Hotel Manager: The Hotel Manager is a role that involves working several jobs, including operations, marketing, finance, human resources, customer service etc. This is quite a challenging role and one must have strong communication skills, quick thinking and good leadership abilities. The Hotel Manager will also interact with third-party vendors and suppliers, manage budget, track financial records and also strategise. This role usually has an average salary of INR 4,41,226 LPA.

Hospitality Marketing Manager: Like in any organization, the Marketing Manager is responsible to increase the hotel’s brand foothold in the market. The manager will work on designing campaigns that will increase the hotel’s revenue. From advertising different features and leisure activities available to organising different events at the public spaces, there are many activities the Marketing Manager will do. At most hotels, this role has an average salary of INR 6,21,993 LPA.

Executive Chef: An Executive Chef is the head chef in the kitchen of the hotel. This individual has years of experience in a professional kitchen and knowledge of several cuisines. The Executive Chef plans the menu, oversees food preparation, and also ensures overall quality is being met. Additionally, the Executive Chef will interview and recruit new chefs to work under them. They also communicate with upper management to talk about budget and changes for the upcoming year. Experienced Executive Chefs tend to make average salaries of INR 8,40,000 LPA.

Accounting Manager: An organization as large as a hotel, has lots of money coming in and out. To manage all of these finances, an Accounting Manager is hired. They keep track of daily money transactions, prepare annual financial reports, and more. Monthly receipts, payroll, and budgeting are also handled by the Accounting Manager. At the end of the financial year, they will prepare a report on the profits and losses made by the hotel to the board of directors. This role offers an average pay of INR 6,80,275 LPA.

Housekeeping Manager: Hotels have a large team of staff that works behind the scenes. These are a part of the housekeeping department. Cleaning the rooms, changing, washing and ironing sheets and towels and keeping the rooms stocked are some of the duties the staff under the Housekeeping Manager does. They have a host of teammates who report to the Housekeeping Manager. It is due to the work of the Housekeeping Manager, that the guest’s stay at the hotel is comfortable and memorable. The entry-level average pay for a Housekeeping Manager is INR 3,53,603 LPA.

The hospitality industry is competitive but also offers many attractive opportunities. These jobs involve a lot of training, volunteering and backbreaking work. With a simple diploma degree, one can build up an illustrious career not just in India but also internationally.