Maximum driving pleasure with the greatest possible safety – what more could you want as a driver? As you can see in various tests, most double-din radios score in both areas and are not too close. Due to the numerous playback options (MP3, CD, DVD), there is no boredom even on long journeys.

And thanks to integrated navigation or access to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Lightning connection, you can always get to your destination quickly and safely. gas powered rc cars under $100 dollars with the help of our comparison, you can find out which double-din radios have a particularly large number of playback options and are particularly easy to handle thanks to the steering wheel remote control.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our double din radio comparison

The most important in a nutshell

  • Double DIN radios are twice as high as the “old” standard car radios and have better usability and a variety of functions due to their size.
  • It is not for nothing that the double din radio is also referred to as Navitainer because it offers entertainment, navigation functions, and safety.
  • With the android auto and Apple CarPlay programs, you can access your smartphone’s navigation system and music while driving, among other things.

The double-din radios represent a whole new generation of car radios. On the one hand, they offer entertainment while driving, e.B. via CD, MP3, or SD card, without the need for an FM transmitter. Of course, you can also listen to the classic radio with you. However, a double-DIN radio with DAB+ has the great advantage that it has a very reliable reception via the car antenna so that you are spared the annoying station search and you also get everything important in traffic radio.

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In addition to the entertainment aspect, which can also emanate from a car DVD player, but is mainly withheld from fellow passengers, the new car radios also contribute to safe driving. Especially for professional drivers, the topic of navigation is enormously important. A dual DIN radio with Bluetooth can connect to your smartphone for navigation. Other models (so-called Naviceiver) have already integrated navigation. A dual DIN radio with reversing camera included can be a great support when parking.

Find out what to look for when choosing your personal favorite with our 2022 Double Din Radio Comparison. Because in addition to the many optional functions from which you can choose, it also depends on the technical requirements (which car you drive and whether you use an Android or iPhone).

What can double-din radios do?

A 2-DIN radio is much more than a simple car radio. In most cases, it is a multimedia system that can be used to play not only music files but also movies.

Depending on how the model is equipped, you can listen to music with the double-DIN radio via SD card, via the USB port, CDs, or simply via radio. Often a double din radio has DAB+, so the radio reception is particularly reliable.

However, a double-DIN radio is more than a versatile hi-fi system for the car,rc cars for kids it also partly fulfills an interface function, which is why it is called a head unit. For example, the temperature in the car can also be controlled via the radio.

In addition, a double-DIN radio with reversing camera can of course also increase safety when driving. The same applies to a double-DIN radio with a hands-free system. This allows you to concentrate entirely on the traffic while you control the radio by voice command.

Attention: You can easily install a 1-din radio in a 2-din bay using a dual-din radio bezel. To build a 2-din radio into a 1-din slot requires a greater effort.

What is DAB+?

DAB+ is the advanced form of Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB). It promises both a high transmission quality and the provision of additional information that can be read on the display (slideshow).