There are so many songs that have become known and eventually become viral because they become back sounds or background songs from TikTok video content.

Indeed, there is a lot of interesting video content that is watched by many users, even to the point that it is shared outside the TikTok platform. So it’s not uncommon for the background song on TikTok content to go viral with the video.

Moreover, there are rumors that if we want our video content to be FYP, aka many views, we have to use songs on content that has gone viral.

Download Lagu TikTok tanpa Aplikasi

Cara Download Lagu TikTok MP3 tanpa Aplikasi

As reported on, if you find TikTok content and like the song, you can save or download TikTok MP3 songs without an application.

If you listen to it, it doesn’t seem suitable, because the average duration of TikTok songs tends to be short. Because the maximum duration of the video is only 1 minute.

But maybe you want to use a TikTok song for your cellphone ringtone or notification? I can. As long as you download the song first.

How to Download TikTok MP3 Songs without an Application

  • Open the TikTok App
  • Find the content whose song you want to download
  • Tap the “Share” image
  • Select “Copy Link”
  • Open browser
  • Access the site
  • Paste or Paste the link that was copied earlier
  • Tap “Downloads”
  • Here you can choose the file format that you want to download. If you just want the song, choose MP3.
  • Done, just wait for the download process to finish

You can find the downloaded file in the “Download” folder, it can also be accessed via a browser.

After you find the file, you can immediately set it to use as a ringtone, notification, or other.

Actually, you can also use Cara Download Lagu TikTok to download only the song. what you need to change is the format of the downloaded file to MP3, then the only thing that is downloaded is the song.

You can also use downloaded TikTok songs to create video content if you don’t want to edit in the TikTok application or want to upload content on other platforms like Youtube Shorts or IG Reels for example.

To create and edit video content with the TikTok song, you can use the Best Jedag Jedug Video Editing Application Recommendation.