Create your own 2D site plan in no time. You just have to follow these simple steps!

Make a design

Start by choosing the shape and size of your first room from our suggestions or draw it from scratch using the pencil tool. If you want more precision, you can indicate the measurements of the walls and label each room (kitchen, living room, Daniel’s room, etc.).

Import a site plan

Simplify the process by importing a site plan you already have. If you have a hard copy of your site plan, you can scan it and import it directly into Usasiteplans. Choose the scale and layout to get an exact replica of your original site plan.

If you need to draw the floor plan from scratch, but don’t have time, our partners can offer you site plan design services. Send a sketch and you will receive your 2D and 3D plans in three working days.

Insert doors and windows

When you create a basic design, choose from several doors and windows and insert them into your plan from the Usasiteplans catalog. Generic doors and windows can be customized to suit your design by adjusting the dimensions and opening direction.

Add plants and stairs

If your house has multiple floors, you can add them to the site plan with just one click. Mezzanines are an interesting and practical design element; create your own by adjusting the height of the plant and adding stairs.

Entrust us with the creation of your site plan

Need help creating your 2D site plan? Send us a sketch of your property layout with measurements and we’ll create your Usasiteplans site plan for you. You will receive your plan in 2D and 3D so you can start decorating it.

2D Site Plan Examples

2D Kitchen Site Plan

Experiment with the arrangement of kitchen equipment and appliances to find the configuration that is most comfortable and practical for you.

2D plan of the kitchen See the project

Room site plan in 2D

Add and arrange your bedroom furniture to create a space that matches your style.

2D plan of the bedroom See the project

2D bathroom site plan

Try different positions for your sink, bathtub or shower to create the most spacious bathroom possible.

2D plan of the bedroom See the project

Whatever decorating style you prefer, you’re sure to find ideas for your project on our inspiration page. There you’ll find industrial-style lofts, country kitchens, minimalist Scandinavian-style living rooms, lively bohemian bedrooms, and chic, modern bathrooms to get your ideas buzzing.

Are you an interior design professional looking for a 3D tool to satisfy your clients? Our new Usasiteplans Pro website will satisfy all your needs!