Mp4 (MPEG4) is indicated as a highly versatile and compressed video file format that is used to store video and audio files. even you can consider this format for swiftly downloading and streaming videos from the internet. WebM (Web Media) is specifically designed for the Web, it assists to define the file container structure, video, and audio format. They both are interchangeable file formats, but sometimes you need to transform Mp4 into WebM for certain reasons. And, an online Mp4 to WebM converter is referred to as the best tool to convert such files within no time.

If you’re seeking how to convert Mp4 videos to WebM files on the desktop, then you reached the right post.

Did You Know!

No doubt that both Mp4 (MPEG4) and WebM (Web Media) are indicated as the compressed file formats. However, WebM videos tend to be a bit smaller as compared to Mp4 files. This clearly referred to as WebM files taking smaller storage space. This is where an online Mp4 files to WebM’s conversions take place. For instant Mp4 file to WebM video conversions, you simply need to visit the source of which provided free Mp4 to WebM converter that proceeds with 100% free conversions.


To turn Mp4 into WebM with this desktop site, you just have to follow a couple of steps and let this best choice Mp4 to WebM converter do all for you. This platform is indicated as an all-in-one solution for your media file conversions. It supports a wide array of file formats and even preserves the original content while converting files. In addition, this MPEG4 to Web Media converter supports batch conversions free of cost. Now, we will show how easily you can convert Mp4 videos into Mp4 with this handy converter:

  • At first, you have to open any web-based browser
  • Then, type “” into the URL bar and press enter
  • Once you reached its interface, type Mp4 to Webm converter into the search box
  • Then, add one or multiple MP4 files into the tool section that you want to convert
  • Press Convert button
  • Finally, download converted WEBM videos at once or individually (one by one)

MiniTool Movie Maker:

This is indicated another best Mp4 to WebM converter that lets you convert MP4 videos to Web Media without any quality loss. The upside is that it is 100% free and even provides you with a professional audio and video editor. Also, lets you proceed with different other formats of conversions quickly and easily. Let’s take a look to know how to convert Mp4 to WEBM with this Movie Maker:

  • At first, you need to download MiniTool Movie Maker
  • Then, install it and launch it and simply open its main interface
  • Make an instant click on the Important Media files that lets you upload the Mp4 file that you want to convert. Very next, you can be able to drag and drop the MP4 (MPEG4) file to the interface
  • Now, press the Export button provided at the top right corner of this interface. In the given pop-up box, you can choose the output format that is WebM. Also, here you can change the target destination, resolution of the video, and file name. Finally, make a click on the Export button to continue

Once you proceed with all the above-mentioned steps, you have successfully found the convert WEBM from this Mp4 to WEBM converter.

Wondershare UniConverter:

You can also stick with Mp4 to WEBM converter by Wondershare UniConverter for converting MP4 video to WebM within no time. The appealing reason to mention this program on this list is that lets you convert Mp4 to other file formats for free of cost. Now, find the steps how to export Mp4 as WebM with Wondershare UniConverter:

  • To start, you need to install it on your desktop on your computer and launch it
  • Make a click on the given Add files button to quickly upload the MP4 file that you need to change, or simply drop your file into it to start video conversions
  • Very next, you need to choose the output video format that here is WEBM. Also, this handy Mp4 file to WEBM converter lets you set video quality and resolution
  • Finally, tap on the Convert to proceed with conversions

Once you followed all the above-mentioned steps, this Mp4 to WEBM converter lets you save converted WEBM from MP4 into your preferred storage.

Format Factory:

An account with Format Factor that works as professional Mp4 to WebM converter to convert MP4 videos to Web Media at a great extent of level. Even the steps are quite simple, let’s find what you need to do for turning Mp4 into WebM with Format Factory:

  • At first, you need to Download Format Factor and simply install it on your computer
  • Then, it’s time to launch it to fetch its main interface
  • From the main interface, you need to choose WebM section that is given on the left panel
  • Now, you simply have to tap Add Files option that just allows you to upload Mp4 video file
  • Also, there you can be able to set some output parameters by clicking on the Output Settings
  • Finally, you people are just required to click on the OK button to start conversions legitimately