Are you willing to argue that a masquerade is a favorite event for many children? This is true because in this case, each child has the opportunity to reincarnate in their favorite hero and believe in a fairy tale and magic. This issue will also be relevant on the eve of such a holiday as the New Year. 

Now modern children are increasingly moving away from standard fairy-tale characters, preferring comic and cartoon characters to them. One of these is the Joker. Is it difficult to create such an image and what should be used for this? Let’s look at how to make a Joker costume at home, guaranteeing a great mood for the child during the holiday. 

What is worth knowing about the scary hero? 

Before you create the joker costume, think about which of the famous movie characters the child should look like. There are several ribbons that represent this character in different ways. One of the latest is the film “Suicide Squad”, where the Joker is presented as a very interesting and unusual character with a certain appearance.

A more famous variation from yesteryear is the suit worn by the famous Batman villain. Please note that the color scheme of things, as well as the style of these Jokers, are noticeably different.

To avoid misunderstandings, we advise you to ask your child in advance which of the Jokers he wants to be like, so that after the child wears the costume that his parents created for him with joy and pleasure.

What is the ease of image development? 

The Joker costume as a general supervillain look is pretty basic. You just need to pick up things of a certain color scheme and style, as well as make a simple make-up. Sewing of additional things, in this case, is not carried out. This is one of the reasons that make it easier for many families to implement such a costume.

There are also paid sites offering the purchase of a similar image for a child. However, they noticeably overprice the products they sell, and you have no guarantee that the suit will look the same as on the site where the order was created. In addition, in this case, it is quite difficult to guess the size of your child. This is the easiest premise to start bringing the image to life with your own hands, and not order it. 

Step by step approach to solving the problem 

So, if you create a Joker costume, you need to divide the image into 2 parts. The first is the clothing itself. The second is the appropriate makeup and other entourage. What do you need to know about things and clothes if you want to make a Joker costume? 

All eyes on style! 

  1. It is necessary to find things, as well as additional accessories of those colors that the hero loves. These are green and purple shades. The ideal option would be a trip to the theater salon or a visit to a second-hand store. There you can find the most interesting, bright and original things at the lowest prices. 
  2. Maximum attention to detail. The costume of the new Joker should not only look bright, but also be perfectly matched. To do this, you need to find a tie and matching shoes for the child. They can be either brown or olive. If you want to create the perfect look, carefully study your baby’s favorite look, note the color scheme, characteristics and other details. 
  3. A must-have accessory is a knife. It is necessary to visit a children’s toy store and find a very frightening weapon with which the movie hero intimidated his victims. Such a Joker costume for the New Year can be a little scary, but this is the main task during its creation.