Checking a smartphone before buying should begin at the stage of choosing a seller, including checking for defects, restoration, defects, and tests in the engineering menu.

1. Introduction

We have already talked about how to choose a smartphone and did reviews of smartphones, but somehow, we bypassed such an important point as checking a smartphone when buying. We decided to correct this defect and tell you about it in this article.

The smartphone is considered a high-risk device, as it is easy to drop or get wet. Therefore, manufacturers and sellers are trying in every possible way to limit their warranty obligations. You may come across a defective, refurbished, or damaged smartphone. Therefore, even if you buy a new, and even more so a used smartphone, you must definitely check it before you pay money for it.

2. Purchase rules

We recommend that you purchase a smartphone in a well-known well-established store, as a last resort, from a reliable, trusted seller with a high rating. If possible, order a smartphone without prepayment with cash on delivery, albeit a little more expensive. Then the seller is less likely to deceive you. But in principle, at the request of the seller, a symbolic prepayment (5-10%) is possible.

In many cases, buying a smartphone on an ad site from a highly rated private seller will be preferable to forming a little-known online store, which scammers and unscrupulous sellers often disguise themselves as. Buy a smartphone from a seller who has been working on the site for more than one year, with a number of sales from several hundred, preferably closer to a thousand or more. The seller rating should be 98-100%, the higher the better. If you are buying a used one, go for Pixel 2 xl used the phone as they are normally in good condition and come at a better price.

3. What do you need to check

For a full check of the smartphone at the office of the transport company, take everything you need with you.

  • Charging adapter
  • 1-2 sim cards
  • Memory card (microSD)
  • Another smartphone or tablet
  • Headphones or headset

If you buy a smartphone with a Chinese charger, then be sure to take an adapter for a European plug with you.

4. External examination

Before turning on the smartphone, inspect it carefully. If it is new, then it should not have scratches, dents, or signs of operation. Take a close look at the charging jack and headphone jack. If they show signs of wear (scratches, abrasions), this may mean that the smartphone has been refurbished and is being sold under the guise of a new one.

Check the IMEI numbers on the smartphone (on the sticker, battery, under the battery) and the box. They must match. If they do not match, then this may mean that the smartphone has been refurbished and is being sold under the guise of a new one. If the smartphone supports one SIM card, then there will be one IMEI, if two SIM cards – two.

It is better to refuse to buy a smartphone with signs of repair or restoration, as it is unlikely to work for a long time.

5. First use

Before turning on the smartphone for the first time, insert 1-2 SIM cards into it, a memory card (if possible), and turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot on another smartphone or tablet (if any). If you do not have a device with Wi-Fi, then sometimes you can use the access point at the office of the transport company to check, and ask them about it. As a last resort, you can at least check whether your smartphone detects Wi-Fi networks that are available almost everywhere.

If the smartphone is turned on for the first time or the settings were reset before sending, it may take up to 5 minutes to turn it on for the first time. During the power-on process, a connection to the mobile operator’s network must occur.