{There are several important considerations to make when determining the best type of plywood for your cabinets.|When choosing the right plywood type for your cabinetry, there are many things to consider.} {The thickness of the plywood should be 3/4″ or greater.|Thickness of plywood should not exceed 3/4″.} {This article covers various methods for selecting the best plywood for cabinets, as well as frameless and framed types.|The article discusses various options for choosing the right plywood to use in cabinets. It also covers frameless and framed varieties.} {In addition, the article discusses important decisions regarding decorative details, such as handles.|The article also discusses key decisions about decorative details such as handles.} {To build your own kitchen cabinet, follow the steps outlined in this article.|Follow these steps to build your kitchen cabinet.}

{3/4 plywood is a better choice|3/4 plywood is better}

{The thickness of your plywood is an important factor in the lifespan of your kitchen cabinets.|Your kitchen cabinets’ lifespan will depend on the thickness of your plywood.} {For sides, you should use 3/4, 5/8, or 1/2-inch plywood.|You can use 1/2, 3/4 or 5/8 inch plywood for the sides.} {The highest thickness of plywood will support heavy weight without warping or sagging.|Plywood of the highest thickness will support large weights without warping and sagging.} {If you only need a few shelves, you can use 3/8-inch plywood panels.|You can also use plywood panels of 3/8 inches if you have only a handful of shelves.} {If you’re unsure of the thickness of your plywood, ask your cabinet-builder for a sample board, if available.|Ask your cabinet builder to provide a sample board if you are unsure about the plywood thickness.}

{While MDF is the cheaper option, it’s not as durable.|MDF may be the cheapest option but it is not as long-lasting.} {Plywood is a great choice for many kitchen cabinet projects.|Plywood can be used for many different kitchen cabinet projects.} {If you want to keep your kitchen design simple, using plywood is the best way to go.|Plywood is a great choice if you are looking to simplify your kitchen design.} {Plywood can be painted to match your decor, so choose a neutral color or a funky shade for your cabinets.|You can paint plywood to match your decor. Choose a neutral or funky color for your cabinets.} {It’s up to you.|You can do what you want.}

Adding decorative details