With 2022’s Winter Olympics underway, it’s impossible not to be amazed and inspired by the athletes and their talent. Check out our top suggestions on what it takes to be a successful athlete and perhaps one day be on the podium alongside your most loved athletes.

In connection with this winter Olympics, U.S. Ski and Snowboard announced that HomeLight which is a real-estate technology platform, will be the title patron for the HomeLight Foundation Series. The foundation acts to act as a catalyst in the beginning of the careers of elite athletes in winter sports. We hope that you are excited watching these athletes go for the halfpipe, and catch some huge air when you strive to win gold.


The very first and obvious first step to be successful as professional skiers is to practice at a regular basis, then continue to practice. To be a professional at anything, you have to take a nap, eat and live the sport.

One of the best ways to get lots of practice is engaging in the task of teaching others to become better. You can try living and working in an area of skiing and becoming an instructor. This will give you a lot of mountain time at no cost. It is essential to be committed to becoming an expert skier! It is essential to spend time in the snow every day in order to work towards becoming an expert.


Then, you must be competitive if you wish to be a pro. As the skier, your life depends on winning competitions and these contests. Start with smaller or friendly competitions then move on to bigger-scale ones when you’ve got some wins to your name. Competitions are the most effective method for you to put your brand name to the world and be recognized by sponsor.

An excellent way to get started participating in competitions is to join the group, ski camp or tournament. These kinds of clubs will not only allow you to sharpen your skills through exercises and sharing your knowledge with others and also provide the ideal place to search for competitions for those who are new to the world of competitive skiing.

Receive Notice

In terms of being noticed, this is the final step towards becoming a skier on an elite level. Get yourself noticed by professional coaches through the internet to build a presence. Upload videos of your abilities on social media, and post your content to famous coaches from all over the world. A skilled well-known coach can make a significant difference in your skiing journey as they will help you reach new heights and make you that professional who you’ve wanted to be.

Other aspects to take into consideration when you are looking for a sponsor are:

  • Create a unique riding style that is distinct from the rest of the athletes
  • Participate in contests that have sponsors who will be scouting for new talent
  • Make videos and photos that you’re in, however don’t force your sponsors down their throats.
  • Concentrate on yourself and your abilities and the best will be forthcoming.

We hope that you’ve found these tips and tricks to becoming a professional skier useful and encouraging. Don’t be discouraged by your goals, before you are aware you’ll be competing for gold!