We all love spending hours watching funny videos, how-to videos, or vlogs from our favorite influencers. The point is that these types of videos are not mere entertainment tools but can become a powerful ally to create emotional video marketing strategies for our company’s advertising campaigns. You can use our best free video editing software for your video marketing.

An emotional video marketing strategy is an advertising campaign that aims to capture the attention of the audience and convey a message in a different way than conventional videos. And it is that in them, the image of the brand or the product remains in the background in order to evoke a feeling in the viewer, this being the main driver of the purchase.

Instead of bombarding the consumer with flat advertising, what we seek is to sell them solutions, sensations, and emotions that they cannot find in the competition. And it is that the emotions hook, the sensations create a dependency on the brand, and the feelings fall in love.

Advantages of Emotional Video Marketing

Emotions are a key element in the most successful video marketing campaigns. Surely it is not difficult for you to remember an advertisement simply because of the sensations that it produced in you the first time you saw it. The purpose of emotional video marketing is to make our product or service as human as possible.

Making this type of video generates a greater impact on our target audience and makes them interact more with it, which helps improve the image they have of our company and that our campaigns are remembered in the future. And it is that advertising that goes straight to the heart is much more effective than the one that goes to the pocket. Emotions cause a state that sharpens our senses, so we pay more attention and get hooked on the information that is transmitted to us.

In this way, focusing on sentiment and moving away from the aggressive advertising model, we ensure that our advertising campaigns do not go unnoticed and are not rejected by potential clients. We get users to identify with our brand through the message we transmit, always deeper and more subtle.

How to apply Emotional Video Marketing to your company?

In recent times, many companies have opted for emotional video marketing strategies. Because they have confirmed the efficacy of emotions and feelings. And it is that, within our marketing strategy, emotional marketing can be the differentiating point with respect to our competition.

A good campaign can be very successful on social networks, and for this, it is not always necessary to have a high budget, but rather a good idea and to know how to develop it with the right dose of sensitivity.

The point is that connecting on an emotional level with consumers is not an easy task. It is essential to plan a strategy that takes into account emotional intelligence, and that offers an experience with added value with which consumers feel identified.

1. Study the needs and desires of the Audience

It is often said that information is power. Therefore, the more information you have about your potential customers and the image they have of your brand, the better the relationship you can have with them.

2. Reflect on how to connect with Consumers

Once you are clear about the wishes and needs of your target audience, you can plan your strategy taking into account the personality, mission, vision, and values of the brand, and think about how to connect with them without damaging the image they have of you.

3. Do not lose sight of the Personality of Brand

95% of the purchases we make are driven by our emotions. Therefore, when designing emotional video marketing campaigns, you must bear in mind that products meet needs and experiences satisfy desires. For this reason, our strategy must be striking, generate emotions and convey confidence.