According to Statista the market for gaming has grown dramatically over the last decade and is expected to exceed its projected amount of 200 billion US dollars by 2023.

The popularity of video games is due to the following reasons and more:

Video games provide a safe environment for gamers to become more proficient at something or improve an ability, or simply live in a world of animation, completing missions or taking on risks. In some cases, they can become someone that they could not be in real life.

Video games provide a desired and practical method of escape for those who want to relax from their work and commitments.

The satisfaction of being successful in video games and winning can make people feel confident about themselves.

The social elements that video games offer including chat functions and multiplayer mode allow players to connect with their peers from all over the globe and create connections with new people too.

To satisfy the ever-growing demands for video games, game developers have come up with a wide range of genres of games to meet every interest.

Here are some of these genres, along with examples of games that go with these.

Sandbox: The Sims, Grand Theft Auto, and Minecraft

Third and first-person shooter game: Fortnite, Halo, and Gears of War

Battle arena online multiplayer (MOBA): Dota 2, Smite, and League of Legends

Role-playing games like RPG, ARPG, and CRPG: Fallout, Skyrim, and The Witcher

Games for survival and horror: Resident Evil, Don’t Starve and Dead Space

The article we’re writing about look at the importance of games based on strategy.

Although the genre’s scope is vast but the guidelines that govern the game of strategy are straightforward. If it’s a board game based on strategy or a video-based game, players’ non-coerced ability to make decisions can greatly affect the outcomes that the games will play out. Therefore, skills in thinking such as decision-making, decision-making, and even situational awareness are usually required for success in these games.

For a look at certain of the well-known games based on strategy, which that you can play on consoles, PCs or on mobile devices. Check out below for games with an overview of what to expect.

Popular Strategy Based Games

Casino Games

Casino games are very well-liked on the internet. In particular, due to certain games like roulette, baccarat, and poker roulette, which have the elements required to be successful.

Additionally, there are incentives advertised to playinclude, for instance, Betway are currently offering the 100 percent welcome bonus to new customers, which is entices them to play.

For those who play poker, specifically there are numerous books and other resources that are based on strategies for winning. From using a few hands to play aggressively to protecting the big blind using the right strategy. There’s plenty of information available to assist poker players to enhance their chances of winning an award.

Invisible, Inc.

A reworking of the well beloved XCOM formula Invisible, Inc., requires players to play the role of an agent, enter the area unnoticed, then grab the object they are looking for, and later get away.

The idea sounds easy However, add in a number of security guards who are extremely vigilant, and the game becomes more exciting.

It is crucial to plan your strategy in this game, to prevent agents from disrupting the team while still finding the items needed at a reasonable time.

Anno 1800

This is the newest game of the Anno series. It begins at the start of the industrial revolution. A crucial period in the past that had a profound impact on society, economy and the environmental.

As a gamer, it is the players’ responsibility to decide on the best way to create and manage their industrial terrain. Additionally, how they decide to thwart social turmoil and manage political issues. In addition, they can control factories, thereby helping their companies grow.

Anno 1800 is a highly addictive game that is ideal for those who enjoy the challenge of designing, building the right decisions, recalling important historical moments.

Crusader Kings 3

Much bigger and more impressive than Crusader Kings, this strategy RPG ( role-playing game) is very similar in many ways to Total War: Warhammer, but its graphics are much more appealingand more simple for players to use.

Additionally, there’s a lot of depth in CK3 that provides this game with an abundance of depth the storytelling aspect as well as battles for players.

Command and Conquer Remastered Collection

Original games Red alert and Command and Conquer are about twenty-five years old. The remastered version may not be as good in terms of graphics and delivery to the latest versions, it’s still a great game. Many other add-ons and perks have boosted the appeal of the game especially for long-running command and conquer players.

For example, there are currently over 100 missions to complete, an enhanced multiplayer modes, as well as the option of playing with a progressive style.

The concept behind this live-action strategic game is that you create multiple base and soldiers to take over and take on the enemy. The aim is to conquer the base of your opponents before you conquer yours.

The speed of thinking and decision-making abilities are essential to win this game based on strategy.

This is a selection of popular strategy-based games that players can play to test their competitive spirit and look to be challenged.

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that there are additional advantages to playing these kinds of games. For instance, as per research from Frontiers of Human Neuroscience players can also increase the hand-eye coordination, memory and teamwork abilities.

If you’ve have ever needed a incentive to spend more time playing strategy-based games like the ones mentioned above, here’s the perfect reason.