Safely Cleaning Dust And Debris From Your Solar Power Panels

If you are cleaning your panels you must ensure you’re removing dirt and debris in a secure manner. This meansthat you should not employ a pressure washer or push broom. Solar panels are costly and require a careful approach. Begin by blowing the surface area with a blower if own one, and follow up with a moist, soft cloth. Solar panels are now popular to cut down on the cost of electricity for your property and help ensure the protection of the environmental. However, like any other home appliance, it could become very filthy over time.

If you own solar panels or are thinking about purchasing one these, this article will inform you all you should be aware of about how often you should wash them , and the most effective way to do it.

Do Clean Solar Panels Produce More Electricity?

This is a query that homeowners should be asking yourself. The answer is yes. Clean solar panels generate more power than ones that are smothered by layers of dirt or even film.The panels must be free of dirt and cleaned to allow the maximum amount of sun light.If they are covered they cease to absorb light to the highest level.

How Often Do I Need To Clean My Solar Panels

There is no standard regarding the frequency of cleaning your solar panels. Hence, it’s dependent on where you are located.In the end, it’s advised to conduct the solar panel maintenance every at most every six months. However, dust and dirt from more dry climates may accumulate in your panels and cause you to wash them more frequently at times every four months based on the region you live in.

If you reside in a wooded region or are near one, it could influence the frequency of cleaning schedule due to bird droppings, small pieces of branches and trees sticking to your walls or walls, pollen, and other elements that can cause the build-up of dirt inside the panels.

Best Way To Clean Solar Panels

Before we go over the best ways you can clean your solar panel and the most effective method of cleaning them we will discuss security measures.Ideally cleansing your solar panel from the ground is the best option however, if you’re unable to accomplish this, it is strongly advised to invest in the right safety equipment to go up to your roof. This includes the safety harness and quality rope to it, and the most durable hat to protect your head should anything fall.

For now, the most effective method for cleaning your solar panel is applying water with non-abrasive spongy, you do not want scratching the solar panels.It is also possible to make use of a mild detergent in case you’re dealing with difficult dirt or stains.It is advised not to make use of a pressure washer in order in order to avoid damage to solar panels.

Another option to get your solar panels clean is to hire an expert cleaning service who can do the task if you’re in a position to do it at all.It may cost some money , but you’ll get an excellent cleaning.

Why Clean Solar Panels?

Cleaning solar panels is essential in order for them to work.The more light you can reflect on your panels, the greater energy you’ll get which means less expenses to cover.Factors like dirt, bird droppings pollen, and small insects could affect the solar panel’s ability to absorb light and cause them to not perform exactly as they should.

Solar panels need to be maintained as clean as is possible but they don’t have to be sparkling clean every day. An excessive cleaning could have an opposite effect and may result in damage to them.

Cleaning Solar Panels Final Words

If you own solar panels, it is suggested that you clean them at least every 6 months or so, however this can change based on the region you live in due to dirt, dust and other environmental factors.It’s not too difficult to clean solar panels since you will only require water and mild detergent, but you must consider investing in some protective gear should you not be able for cleaning your solar panels in the ground.