San Antonio is a hot city that many are eager to get out at the end of the year. While housing is expensive and traffic can be a hassle however, the city is inexpensive and more affordable to reside in than other major cities in the USA.

Here’s how this amazing location compares to other areas and why it’s an essential area for anyone looking to have fun and save money in the process.


Apartments or homes located in San Antonio aren’t cheap! The median rental located in San Antonio sits around $1,300 each month. It’s a bit expensive relative to other regions however it’s important to remember that there’s a amount you can get from this! Being in San Antonio means you have the most fun and entertainment, while also being able to enjoy the benefits of having a better transportation system.

The median home located in San Antonio isn’t in the city’s centre, but is between $221,000 and $231,000. This is close to the national average and could be considered to be reasonable. While you’ll need to drive to downtown, this is more convenient than having to bear the expense of living in the town!


San Antonio loves good food and great beers, and due to this it is home to many artisan and expensive restaurants. The prices of food items are lower than the rest in Texas and less expensive than the average national. Of course, you could quickly rack up a massive expense for food and entertainment If you’re not cautious regarding it. However, in general you’ll pay less than you’d like to!


One of the best things that is great about Texas is the fact that there is no tax on income. This could save you up to 10 percent of your earnings which would otherwise go into the State. However, the sales tax is much higher than the average for the country, and San Antonio sitting at 7.5 percent, which is more than what most people pay.


The traffic is a challenge in San Antonio can be rough However, gas prices in the city remain below the average for the nation and will ensure that you’ll be able to cope with the extra couple of minutes of waiting for the bus to arrive and off the road. If you’re a resident of this city and plan to go on a road trip ensure that you fuel at the maximum prior to leaving! There aren’t any gasoline prices that are this high elsewhere.


However, Texas is one of the states with the highest temperatures in the United States. San Antonio is no exception and its temperatures increasing almost daily. If you’re planning to install an air conditioner that is brand new the cost could be between $3,000 and $30,000 which is a lot however, your electric bills for summer months will be at between $100 and $150 per month. It is possible to lower your monthly expenses by using as little power as you can, however it’s not unusual for costs to be as high as this.