The battery and tank capacity determines how long your disposable vape lasts. Quality products such as the Frunk Bar Disposable have superior batteries and bigger tanks, allowing you to utilize the tank for longer periods. Looking at the frequency of puffs you can get from a disposable vape is one of the greatest ways to determine how long it will last.

How Long Does a Portable Vape Hold a Draw?

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Most disposable vapes will have a rating that indicates how so many puffs the gadget can provide. However, the ranking is merely a placeholder. The frequency of intakes you can obtain from a portable vape is determined by a variety of variables, including:

Battery for a vape

When calculating how lengthy a vape pen will last, the battery is one of the most important variables to examine. The vape equipment’s main part is the battery. The battery in disposable vapes cannot be charged. You won’t be able to operate the gadget if it gets out of juice before you finish vaping it. The batteries of the majority of well-known brands are estimated. As a result, the vape liquid should dry out ahead of the battery. It’s critical to conduct some research to avoid purchasing low-quality batteries that may fail before the vape liquid expires.


The majority of portable vape pens have a temperature pre-set. However choosing the gadget with the greatest temperature settings may sound enticing, keep in mind that the greater the temperature level, the quicker the coil will burn through, reducing the coil’s lifespan. You won’t be able to operate the gadget if the coils burn out too soon.

The duration of the draw

The duration of your intake can also affect how much your portable vape lasts. Longer drags utilise extra vape juice per puff, causing the tank to empty quicker. To make the best out of the vape juice and portable vape, you must strike a ratio between the number with which you vape and the duration of each pull. Vapers who use portable vapes frequently will go through them sooner, while those who use them less frequently will have more time to use them.


Many vapers are unaware that the location in which their portable vape is stored has an impact on its lifespan. Keeping the gadget at or near room temperature can assist to extend the gadget’s battery life. Warming up portable vapes with cold batteries takes longer and consumes more energy. It’s advisable to maintain the gadget at ambient temperature for maximum results and battery life. If it isn’t possible, try warming up the battery by holding it in your palms for a few minutes before using it.

Disposable Vapes Types

The amount of time a disposable vape pen lasts is also determined by the sort of vape pen you have. Because there aren’t many options, picking one is simple.

Portable Vape Pens with a Single Fill

The simplest basic portable vape pen is this one. It’s ideal for first-time vapers and those who don’t want to dedicate themselves to a more complicated vaporizer. Single-fill portable vape pens are pre-filled and pre-charged with your favourite vape juice. Based on your vaping habits, a single-fill portable vape pen can last a day or up to three days.

Disposable pens that can be refilled

Refillable vape pens may carry up to 6ml of vape juice, allowing you roughly 200 blows per pen depending on how you draw. Refills are included with the pens, and some of them can last up to six refills. They do not even, unfortunately, feature a rechargeable battery. So, although you may have had more liberty with the vape liquid, if you want to use the device for a long period, you must keep an eye on the battery and use it sparingly.                                                            Refillable and reusable vape pens are a good choice if you want more freedom but don’t want to spend as much time maintaining and cleaning them. These are still basic, but they offer a few more functions that help you get the most out of your vaping experience. The batteries can be recharged and the gadgets can be refilled.