Karla Luna (left) and Karla Panini, better known as “Las Lavanderas”, staged a scandal when Karla Panini became involved with Americo Garza, her partner. Despite their best efforts to resolve their differences, the conflict became so severe that the successful program ended and the marriage ended. Panini was branded a traitor, and her career collapsed. After Luna’s cancer death, Panini was left with Garza, and they have a daughter. Mexico Agency photo

Confucius believed that a person’s reputation can be damaged by one second. This is true for many entertainment figures, but the Monterrey native Karla Pantini was part of “Las Lavanderas”, a comedy duo with Karla Luna. She was her partner and best friend, and she died from cancer in 2018.

“Cusca”, “Rompehogares”, “Buscona”, “Buscona”, “Traidora”, and “Malamujer” are just a few of the things that have been published since he began a affair in 2012 with Americo Garza (Luna’s husband, father of her children). She wasn’t alone. She had a relationship to comedian Oscar Burgos. They split when convincing evidence was presented in the media that Luna was cheating on Americo.

The bomb literally exploded on what was to be the final TV show of the duo. Panini, in character, told him that she was the mancornadora with her husband. It was a scandalous event that erupted (you can watch the video on YouTube). This became even more severe when Luna and Garza were going through a difficult divorce. She began her treatment for cancer that eventually defeated her.

Social media was accumulating hatred towards the “Lavandera Guera” and her response was with a unique freshness that bordered on the cynical. She said that Karla Luna wasn’t a saint, that she and Americo loved one another, and that even if the whole world hated her, there was no way to stop it. After a prolonged agony she experienced in public, Karla Luna died. Her youngest daughters were taken by Americo to Panini to live with her. They had made their relationship official with Burgos.

Panini and Americo Garciaza were able to turn the tide in Mexico. They did not want the girls separated from their maternal grandparents. Panini, however, made a media swarm by accusing Karla Luna’s family of attacking her and using smear campaigns, including Internet memes. He also accused them of child pornography for using images of children.

There is no harm in being a good person. Panini recently decided to capitalize on all the insults she had received over the years in order to make a profit. (Nobody could blame her: Panini is a terrible comedian, and has never shown any grace. But she was a successful businesswoman.) He also announced that he would launch a line t-shirts featuring the phrase “We hate Panini”, which has become a popular hashtag. Although it seems absurd to commercialize opprobrium, for someone who built her fame on absurdity, it is a very logical idea.

The point isn’t whether or not to create a clothing line, but if people are interested in it. It’s that, despite making a spectacle out of their relationship, and what happened to their “comadre”, it’s important to recognize the lady’s ability to profit, free publicity, and even money, from what many would find unfortunate. It is amazing for her that there is not bad publicity or a bad reputation. At least, if she plans to keep talking about herself, as she has done, even at the expense her rival (and friend) who is dead.