One of the questions we ask ourselves the most is what will happen every day with my hair implant, so here we will tell you what you can expect. 

Day after surgery

You will have to sleep semi-sitting, if, as you hear it, the recommendation is to sleep reclined at an angle between 45 and 90º, since the local anesthesia can lower and swell your face. 

But you should not worry once this is over, the following nights will be much calmer, since the normal thing is also that you do not have pain. 

After 1 week of hair transplant

The first week is the biggest challenge and it is simply because you will have scabs that will gradually fall off until in the second week you no longer have any of them. 

Be careful with bumps and scrapes these days and avoid exposing yourself to the sun. 

The posterior gauzes and elastic or adhesive band from the forehead, you can remove it after 3 days which will make you look completely normal. With which you will be able to start working without any problem and after 7 days you will be able to use a cap or hat. 

After 1 month of hair grafting

During the first month you may feel itching or itching in the donor area of ​​the grafted follicles. Gradually this will decrease. After the first month it is normal to see how all the implanted follicles have fallen or are falling. This is totally normal, so we will have to be patient. 

After 3 months of hair transplant

The growth of new follicles begins, just remember that it will not be all at the same time and hair shoots will be noticed by zones. The hair will begin to gain strength and you will be able to see how normal growth begins this month. But you will have to be patient since it is from the fourth month when the most important growth begins. 

After 6 months of hair grafting

The Hair Clinic Dubai and will continue to grow and get stronger for the next six months. The bald areas are becoming thicker and you will notice the result more, since it will be longer and thicker. 

After a year of the capillary procedure

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived, not only will you have strong and healthy hair, you will also have your scalp covered and with a natural appearance. 

You will have in front of you the appearance that you will look from now on for the rest of your life. And remember that some sprouting will still continue for up to 2 years.