Cheap cPanel plays an important role in dedicated server hosting and virtual hosting. Unfortunately, though, most of us are not familiar with the pros of cPanel. Statistic has shown that control has occupied a good percentage of market share.

Navicosoft offers a cheap cPanel license to its clients; you can buy cheap cPanel license at a fair price. Moreover, you will get easy installation and activation of the control panel for dedicated server hosting in your system.

What Exactly Does a cheap cPanel?

The WHCP is software that gives users an easy way to control their web hosting accounts. Therefore, it is based on GUI, delivering spontaneously an approach to various controls that you can use to manage your web hosting accounts.

For example, by applying WHCP, you can do many things like:

  • install various web applications,
  • can organize your DNS settings,
  • could attain email accounts,
  • can overview your supply utilization.

cPanel is the most popular license WHCP

cPanel is a renowned and self-contained WHCP. Hence, it means multitasking that a user needs while managing their websites. Yet, there are various stages of rating.

Some web hosting companies might select systems with scarcer features or possibly choose not to modernize to the innovative versions of the WHCP. So, this can cause some variations while performing.

So, why is cPanel the best selection?

Web hosting companies might pay for the different dedicated server web hosting panels according to the license type. However, the rates fluctuate based on the software they choose and the number of licenses needed. Thus, rates are typically determined by demand, and as low-cost as the web hosting commerce, there is always a contestant trying to fade a key performer. But, this robust opposition holds companies honest in their rates – except for dominance advances.

Brief introduction about the cPanel license:

 cPanel was developed in 1996. As an indication in this market, cPanel has devoted fame to its outdated products. Though its current type is known as cPanel 68. Student replications of this dominant solution are linked together with cPanel. Thus, it allows customer account administration and Web Host Manager, which clutches server management.

When it comes to mind about the graphic interface, most clients rank cPanel at the top. Because the mainstream hosting companies operate their systems using cheap cPanel licenses. Therefore, a cheap cPanel web hosting is an easy control panel for your VPS or dedicated server hosting. In every browser, cPanel gives you all of the techniques you require to organize and manage your website, databases, and email accounts.

What is control panel Web Hosting?

A cheap cPanel license offers the users a graphical authority to organize the Linux server share. Thus, the complete techniques are projected to run and manage websites on your VPS or dedicated server. It works with a distinct structure that allows different grades of access. However, Conditional on the hosting company, a cheap cPanel license will often deliver an auto-inauguration or package dedicated to CMS like WordPress.

Advantages of Cheap cPanel Web Hosting:

Individuals who consume VPS or dedicated server hosting buy cheap cPanel web hosting for different advantages. So, these might be substantial enough to motivate a consumer to use a cPanel license cheap. Though, it delivers more advantages and benefits in detail. If you need a secure control panel system for your VPS or a dedicated server hosting for your Unix/Linux server, then cPanel is the best.

Easy Techniques for Web Designers

cPanel is a typical control panel for web designers and hosting organizations. However, it is usually combined with WHM both mechanisms function in the cycle, performing a distinctive role. WHM delivers an organizational approach to your server. WHM creates numerous accounts and controls many websites in addition to server provisions.

Easiness and Availability:

Everyone is unfamiliar with the set-ups of practical techniques castoff for VPS and dedicated server preservation. Now, you can resolve Difficult server liabilities with some mouse clicks. Even backups, site and directory conservation, disc space checks, and other tasks are easy to handle. Hence, it is pointless to have server administration services to manage your VPS or dedicated server while buying a cPanel license from a web hosting company.

The cPanel designers have designed ways to streamline the uploading and installation of files. cPanel license is beneficial for people who try to learn how to run within a new interface. The Dashboard is easy to run. There is an affluence of certification available in cPanel for any activity, chiefly with the present version, which comprises built-in lessons and simple tutoring.

Flexibility and Compliance:

It is very handy to organize a website when you buy a cPanel license. Irrespective of how refined a website is, cPanel delivers remarkable skills for a VPS or dedicated server that team members may utilize to manage your site. However, it comprises protecting an advanced database, organizing email accounts and addresses, and assembling many websites under one account. Moreover, it monitors site traffic, which helps you frequently troubleshoot and improve your website.

Plugins and Additions:

You can get the benefit of your company by using more than one cPanel plugin according to the type of VPS or dedicated server you operate. The followings are some of the most prevalent plugins:

  • CSF
  • Firewall         
  • Clam AV Scanner     
  • Munin Service Monitor
  • PHP selector  
  • CMQ 
  • RK Hunter
  • WHM Interface        
  • Spam D
  • Joomla
  • X-Cart
  • WHM Complete (WHMCS) 
  • Dolphins

Protection and Constancy:

While buying a cheap cPanel license is fairly safe and secure. However, the program prevents VPS or dedicated server clients from getting into risky or prohibited activities. So, it does not matter what you click within it; you will not be able to lay on a big loss.


Navicosoft is self-assured in running its web servers because it is an authorized cPanel Partner. However, we also appreciate that both authorities and beginners wish for an easy hosting company to consume and better efficiency. So our effective dedicated server hosting solutions get the job done properly and are designed to meet your goals. Certainly, an inclusive solution, Navicosoft has cut-rate all reliable cPanel licenses. Thus, buy a cheap cPanel license to get a simple solution for any license queries.