It is well known that the best way to get a broadband connection is from an Ethernet network cable. In fact these cables carry the internet, without it being hampered by distance from the router.

In summary, we must say that the operation of a PLC Ethernet adapter is similar to any of these articles. Similarly, this artifact contains a PLC connector installed on a router as well as a PLC socket, although the latter will have an Etherner port on its base. You will simply have to connect a cable from this base to the desired device.

What is the difference between a PLC adapter and a Wi-Fi repeater?

Continuing with what was described above, we must say that PLC adapters have some advantages over Wi-Fi repeaters.

First of all, powerline adapters take the internet to another point without losing as much speed as a Wi-Fi repeater can.

Secondly, another important aspect will be the stability of the service, which will also benefit from one of these devices.

In practical terms, PLC adapters will be very useful in order not to overwhelm established Wi-Fi networks. Certainly, if we have a space with several floors, the Wi-Fi repeaters will present difficulties due to the distance from the router.

However, the only disadvantage that we can find will be if our place has an old or very extensive electrical installation, since this could hinder the connections.

What are the advantages of PLC adapters?

You will be able to find several benefits in the use of PLC adapters. Certainly, these advantages along with some disadvantages will depend on the space in which you are looking to install one of these artifacts. In addition, its performance will not be the same in new constructions as in old ones. Without further ado, we will list some of its benefits and disadvantages in its use:


  • They are easy to install
  • It has very good stability and signal quality.
  • Help download wifi network
  • Optimum performance in multi-storey locations
  • Improves safety by going in a closed circuit of electric light


  • An old or malfunctioning electrical system can affect its performance
  • When used, a plug is lost, although there are devices that have a built-in replacement
  • They can hinder the use of light switches
  • Not everyone has Wi-Fi, so they need to include cables with a limited range

Why install a PLC adapter?

Perhaps one of the most important and frequently questioned questions among buyers. The cases for which best powerline adapter can be recommended and not Wi-Fi repeaters or access points are the following:

Gamers or online games: by having a stable internet connection, jumps and drops in access are avoided, which will maintain an optimal speed in your movements.

Homes with several floors:  having several floors or even a very large space can make it difficult for Wi-Fi to arrive. These tools will be the ones indicated to solve this problem due to their communication through the electrical system.

Older people:  although not all cases are the same, these items are very easy to use, so they provide a connection without the need for much network knowledge.

For smart TV:  in recent years there has been an exponential growth in the use of digital entertainment platforms on televisions. With one of these adapters your videos will never pause.