Ending a marriage is one of the most traumatic events a person can go through in life. It’s so much more than just the end of a relationship—it can be the end of an entire way of life. In addition to the sadness and grief, you may be experiencing from separating from your spouse, you may also be dealing with having to find a new place to live, sharing custody of your children, and overcoming new financial challenges. But divorce doesn’t have to be the end of everything. Follow these tips for reframing your divorce not as the end, but as an exciting and rewarding new beginning.

Eat Healthy Foods

We get it, you are going through a lot right now, and self-care may not be your top priority. But it’s important to take good care of yourself so you can stay healthy. While it may be tempting to head straight for the family-sized bags of chips and cookies for a little emotional eating, we promise you’ll feel a lot better if you focus on eating nutritious well-balanced meals and drinking plenty of water.

Get Good Sleep

Whether you are finding it difficult to turn off your brain at night or you just can’t get comfortable in your bed alone, you may be having a tough time sleeping. This is a natural response to trauma. However, it is essential that you get 6-8 hours of quality sleep each night in order to keep yourself healthy. If you’re having trouble sleeping, speak to your doctor about gentle sleep aids.

Sweat it Out

Need a release for some of that pent-up aggression? Exercising regularly is not only great for your physical health but can do wonders for your mental state as well! Exercise releases the feel-good chemical dopamine, giving you a natural mood boost. Working out also gives you a productive place to channel your energy, which can be helpful for keeping anxiety and depression at bay.

Stay Connected

When you’re going through a divorce, you may feel as though you want to be left alone. But it can be a tremendous help to talk with people about how you’re feeling. Whether it’s lunch with a friend, a phone call with your mom, or even joining a support group for recently separated or divorced individuals, being able to connect with someone and express your feelings can do you a world of good.

You may not be the first person in the world to go through a divorce, but it certainly feels like it sometimes. In Denver, uncontested divorce is a fairly common event that brings about new beginnings for everyone involved. By choosing to embrace this chapter of your life as one of the exciting transitions, you can overcome this challenge and find your best life yet on the other side.

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