Video consumption has grown exponentially in recent years. Hence, most social networks have incorporated it as a format, new ones have appeared that are based only on video publication, and there are YouTube channels with hundreds of thousands of followers.

However, it is true that not all videos have the same success on the web or bring great results to the brands that use them.

In order to create a viral video that generates benefits for companies, it is necessary to meet a series of requirements. Do you want to meet them? Next, we will talk about how to make a successful viral video so that you can include it in your content marketing strategy.

How to make a successful viral video?

The secret of a viral video is in its ability to surprise and please an audience. Only in this way will we get people to talk about it and users to like or share it.

And for this, there is no exact science, but there are some tips that you can implement to achieve it. Let’s see them!

Control its duration and quality.

Nobody likes to waste time, so make short videos even if they don’t exceed 3 minutes in length. On the other hand, if your video looks or sounds bad, you’re not going to get it to go viral either, so keep a close eye on resolution and quality.

Includes keywords.

This is especially important in the video title. If you can get attention with it, the vast majority will want to click on it. Also, the search engines will reward you and put your video at the top of the results.

Invest in your promotion.

If you want to give it a boost and increase visits to your video, one possibility is to promote it. This will expand its reach, and if it is good, later, it will be the users themselves who make it viral.

Do not leave anyone indifferent.

Be that as it may, it conveys some kind of emotion: laughter, hate, empathy, joy, anger, rage. It doesn’t matter what it is. The important thing is that everyone has a reaction to your viral video.

Take advantage of the first 5 seconds.

The first seconds of a video is essential for the user to decide to continue watching it or move on to the next one. Do something shocking to cover them up, and then hold their attention for the rest of the video.

Surprise and bet on the difference.

Playing with the surprise factor is crucial to creating the viral video of the moment. Introduce a scene that the viewer does not expect and, above all, do not do the same thing that others are already doing, especially your competition. One idea might be to figure out how to make animated videos and include such snippets.

The viral video of the moment

One of the brand videos that could serve as an example of a viral video is the Old Spice ad titled “Smells like a guy, man.” It has practically all the ingredients that we have mentioned before about how to make a viral video:

  • Correct duration and quality content.
  • It was promoted on television.
  • It has a script that leaves no one indifferent.

It is not something expected but different from the rest of the deodorant advertisements.

This viral video is from the year 2019. And its creation meant the rescue of the company that was seeing its sales decrease. They also did it in 2010 with similar campaigns, when they managed to increase their sales by 107%.

How to make a viral video on TikTok?

And what about TikTok? Because if there is a social network that is succeeding thanks to video, it is this one. What tips can we give to make a viral video on it?

Use current music or popular audio. These have a great power of attraction and are usually part of viral challenges, which can be a boost for your videos to reach a larger audience.

Be original.

Originality will always stand out above everything else. Moreover, creating a viral video on TikTok is an essential requirement. And if it has touches of humor, the results will be better.

Be natural.

Representing everyday situations or saying things that everyone thinks is also quite successful online. As long as it is done under funny notes, there is the possibility of having a viral video.

Create a fun script.

Another option is to start with your own script. In this case, you will have to take care of details such as the duration, the expressions, originality, or that touch of humor that we were talking about before to make it go viral.

Includes filters and effects.

These also help to create a viral video on Tik Tok. There are different types, and you can choose those that best suit the nature of your video.

And if what worries you is how to get followers on TikTok, in addition to following the advice we just gave you, don’t forget to:

  • Being an active content creator, post frequently.
  • Join the trends of the moment.
  • Do duets with influencers.
  • Have a unique and innovative touch.
  • Complete your profile and optimize it to make it attractive.