Premature ejaculation is a very common thing, a study conducted in the US states that 1 in every 3 men are having similar issues. The reason is unclear but it could be because of the lifestyle changes, smoking, drinking, and obesity, physiological and Biological factors.

There are several exercises and medications that can help one solve this problem-

Pelvic floor exercises

The pelvic floor muscles are right near the prostate and rectum and like all the other muscles these also can be strengthened by regular pelvic exercises. The experts believe that if these muscles are too weak the chances of premature ejaculation increase. To strengthen these muscles, start by controlling the urge to pee and feel which muscles move. To tone the muscles down, follow the following-

  • Pull the pelvic floor muscles, you can sit or lie down
  • Hold these muscles as if for at least for 3 seconds
  • Relax these muscles for the same amount of time
  • Keep repeating these as many times as possible.

Try to reduce the performance anxiety

Anxiety can show up in any area of your life, in your bedroom too. Think of it like while you are on stage and performing. There are a lot of expectations from others while you are performing and you don’t want to let others down. The same is true for sexual anxiety while in bedroom. It’s mostly the fear of not satisfying your partner while in bedroom especially when you are experiencing premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Vidalista 20 is the best way to treat erectile dysfunction. It can be worst when you have had one or more disappointing experiences with your partner. If you get anxious even before start getting intimate, the results would be in your favour. To avoid getting anxious you can meditate, practice yoga and try to control the same. 

Exercise regularly to improve your blood flow

If you want to see instant results you should consume Super P Force or Cenforce 100 tablet, it aids sexual stimulation and helps a man to keep an erection for longer.

Try the edging technique

Edging is the process where you get right up to the orgasm, then stop yourself to cool down or reset and then start again. To last longer in bed you can try the edging technique as many times as possible. Since you are not allowing the body to orgasm, you will naturally last longer with this technique.  

Masturbate before sexual intercourse

Masturbating right before the sexual intercourse can help you as then the body would not be very sensitive to sexual stimulation. However, it may take some trial and error to decide how long before you should do it but this can certainly help you with premature ejaculation.  

Talk to a professional about your weight and diet 

Although these are not directly related to premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction but a right diet and weight can certainly help you improve the sexual health. Having foods like ashwagandha, shilajit, citrus fruits, berries etc. can help you improve your sexual health and blood flow in the body which in turn could help you with your challenges.

Use condoms

Hypersensitivity could be a reason for Premature ejaculation, using a condom could be solution that would make you last longer as it makes a layer around the penis that could minimize the sensation and might help you with a delayed ejaculation. 

Try Desensitizing Condoms

If you are facing premature ejaculation on a regular basis, desensitizing condoms can help you solve this problem. Condoms are not only used for birth control or safe sex, but it can be used to delay ejaculation while in bed. If the normal condoms are not working in your favour you can try the desensitizing ones. These condoms reduce the hypersensitivity, and there are a lot less concerns that the desensitizing gel would impact your partner’s sexual enjoyment in a negative manner.

Talking to your partner

Talking to your partner can also help, as it is not just your problem but also impacts her in a lot of ways. By discussing the challenges, you are facing both of you can get down to a better solution. Once your partner knows she would be more empathetic towards the issue which in turn would bring down your sexual anxiety as there would be no room for disappointment. Your partner would understand that it took you a lot of courage to come out and speak with her about the challenge you are facing which would make you more comfortable, this could help you get over the premature ejaculation.

Visit a doctor and get some medication

You can also try visiting a try to improve your condition. Tablets like Cenforce 100, Fildena 100, Cenforce 150 and Super P Force, improve the blood flow in the body in turn improving your erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

Try to distract yourself

While attempting to last longer in the bed, your mind also plays a very important role. Thinking back in the times when you became very aroused during intercourse. Inevitably, try paying attention to brains role in helping you build sexual interest. Try to thing about something non-sexual to distract your brain.

All these techniques are interconnected, only a holistic approach to erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation can help you solve the problem in a more sustained manner. Medication, exercises, preparing your brain to be calmer, asking for help from your partner. All this goes hand in hand and would definitely help you with the challenges you are facing in the bed.