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The publication of a book can expose you for millions in liabilities, even if the book isn’t a huge financial success. Even a book that only earned the equivalent of a few thousand dollars you could still result in an action that could ruin your entire family.

Even if you did not infringe the copyright of someone else it is possible to lose the case against a copyright trolling troll particularly if the troll is more money than you do.

Trolls with copyrights pose a real threat to anyone who wishes to make money.

In accordance with US legislation, the maximum penalty for copyright infringement can be up to $150,000 , plus court costs per infringement. In the event that you do not have that amount on the table Copyright trolls could be able to seize your vehicle, investments, or even your house in certain states.

If you’re an indie or traditional either published or unpublished it’s important to be aware of how to prepare and fight copyright Trolls.

The most efficient and simple method to go about it is company registration in the USA through creating an LLC to shield your publications and assets from any copyright claim. There are several advantages you will gain by creating an LLC.

Liability Protection:

The formation of an LLC can help you divide your assets from those associated with publishing, which portray your image as more affluent than you actually are. If someone is suing the LLC it can only pursue the assets belonging to the LLC. If you are a member of your own LLC, it’s possible that the person who sues you will only access the pocket in which you keep your account and the income. The troll isn’t able to reach your retirement savings account or the home-ownership pockets. This is the reason why having an LLC is less likely to get a troll’s attention. The MSK payment solution is among of the top tools to aid you with your business set up in America. USA quickly and safely.

Establishes Credibility:

The incorporation of an LLC can enhance your credibility with people who read your blog and other institutions.

It’s difficult for libraries and bookstores to differentiate between an independent author and a publishing firm name that’s not linked to the indie writer or a small-sized company.

Tax Flexibility:

LLCs are the only type of business entity that allows you to decide which tax chapter in the code is applicable to you, and that’s why LLCs are so well-known. They can become a sole proprietor but still enjoy liability protection. If you’d like for taxation to become an S corporation, you are able to as well. The creation of a publishing company can make publishing your books in libraries and bookstores easier. In order to increase the chances of having your book featured within physical bookstores, it is essential to be able to present your book professionally. If you self-publish you are in essence an publishing company that produces your books. If you approach your writing as an organization and the greater the likelihood that people treat your work as if you were a corporation. Save yourself time, grow your business and get connected with the MSK Payments Solutions now.