Tragically, a virtual corporate meeting platform does not allow organizers to share a box of doughnuts to appreciate their employees’ hard work. However, there are multiple ways of making online meetings fun. To configure engagement in virtual events that inhibit harmony in online workplaces, mentioned below are six effective techniques to achieve that:


By briefing the activities before the event, leaders can invoke anticipation and allow their colleagues time to plan. Not every person feels happy with spilling insider secrets on the spot. A few people do well with advance notice to script replies ahead of time.

Also, giving fellow employees a breakdown of the plan empowers further innovativeness. For example, assuming that the leaders intend to have a kid wizard trivia test to pay tribute to Halloween, then, at that point, the editors can make custom Zoom wizarding school or captivated prison backgrounds and can take on the appearance of most loved characters.

If the leaders let participants know that teams will film a short film, individuals can assemble lavish props in planning. Or on the other hand, if they like to invoke the ‘aha moment’ in the meeting, they can keep the activities a secret. In any case, being aware of the agenda beforehand gives workers something to prepare for optimally.


Most people enjoy it more when permitted to pick a leisure activity. By giving the employees independence over the activity, organizers can ensure greater participation and effectively include everyone in the team-building process. Thus, they can guarantee better employees’ association and commitment. People are bound to participate in a game they picked rather than one that was sprung upon them.

For the best outcomes, organizers should provide the participants with a maximum of five choices and organize a vote, as several options can overwhelm them and draw out the decision-making process.

Organizers can request them to rank activities in the invitation email, or they can make the choice utilizing the poll highlight during the video call. They should also send a message that workers can recommend different choices during the meetings, as that too provides a sense of autonomy.


Rather than concluding the meet-up with closing activities and icebreakers, leaders can play games throughout to keep everybody attentive. They can play quick games like Copycat, Buzzword, and Treasure Hunt. Additionally, these games can be played throughout a virtual meetings platform, like Dreamcast. Regular games can keep colleagues connected with and receptive to the meetings.


Organizers could plan the most engaging web-based activities any employee has ever seen, however assuming they use up all available time, their arrangements will be for no good. Perhaps the most frequently disregarded technique for having a good time during meetings is to keep them on-task and crisp. Neither should they have to hurry through their fun exercise, nor should they have their colleagues drained by the time the fun segment shows up.

Various studies have hypothesized that 30 minutes is an optimal length for a meeting. Those that drag out longer than 45 minutes struggle to hold participants’ full attention, and meetings that have over eight participants generally encounter a sharp decrease in inefficiency. Hence, organizers ought to set a meeting plan, allocate an opportunity to every subject, and watch the clock to stay inside those boundaries. Advancing quickly through the business fragment of the meeting fosters participants’ energy for the fun segment.


Utilizing a web meeting platform just for talking on video is like using a cell phone just for calls. A virtual event platform like Dreamcast offers numerous interactive elements which can be used to improve the meeting experience and disregarding these features would be a genuine shame.


Organizers can fuse three-dimensional items to add material components to their meetings, even if their PC screen might be 2D. For example, they could request the participants to get a family object like a whisker or book for a scavenger hunt; they can send mixed drink packs so participants can blend drinks during virtual happy hours, or they can plan a pet-sharing time with doggy stomach rubs and kitty ear scratches in galore.

Participants can either pick arbitrary things from around the house, or organizers can mail unique treats and units in anticipation of the meeting activity. Involving the colleagues in such ways completely captivates their attention in the activities, keeping the meeting lively.


Icebreaker questions are simple prompts that organizers can use to make virtual meet-ups more engaging. For instance, they could inquire “what is your nickname, job, and most loved unusual serving of green salad?” These icebreakers allow participants to share more about themselves and build strong connections.


Whether the meeting on the virtual exhibition platform endures for ten minutes or two hours, organizers can utilize these strategies to boost consideration, drive investment, and sprinkle fun into their daily practice. The idea of virtual work implies employees experience better and more solid relationships. Arranging entertaining and invigorating components like these in the meeting can help empower team holding. One should use a reliable virtual team meeting platform, like Dreamcast, to ensure smooth operations. The company offers a wide range of virtual solutions to help others host their virtual events smoothly. One can also schedule a demo with the company.

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