The PlayStation series has been a massive success since its introduction at the end of the nineties. The longest-running PlayStation was the PS4 that was released in 2013 and became the most recent PlayStation for the next seven years until the introduction of the ps5 in 2020. This means that lots of gamers own and play on the PS4 often. The budget-conscious gamers continue to purchase new PS4s due to the absence of the PS5 and its expensive cost.

In the past seven years, the PlayStation 4 has had to deal with a variety of minor issues , such as blinking indicators broken HDMI port, broken dual analog sticks for the shock 4 and many more. One of the most recent problems that is being complained about by console gamers all across the globe is a malfunctioning microphone. A lot of people have said that the issue was unsolved after trying simple remedies such as turning off power and back on, re-plugging and resetting to the device that outputs it, switching the device that outputs and so on.

In order to understand the extent of the problem creating inconvenience for gamers We decided to dig deep and offer some practical solutions for this issue with this post. The following are the most popular solutions to fix a damaged microphone.

Make sure your headset is connected and is recognized by the PS4

This is a crucial solution that you must implement before attempting to use another solution. Most of the time headphones are connected and you are able to hear your friends, but the PS4 is unable to recognize your headset in full. This could be because the audio jack hasn’t been fully connected or the connection is being impeded by dust or any other cause. To find out why:

  • Go to the settings on your PS4 and then go to “sound and screen”.
  • Under “sound and screen”, look for settings for audio output.
  • Look for look for “chat audio” option and If it’s not available(grayed or blacked out) then your PS4 does not recognize the headset.
  • It is necessary to reinsert the audio connector after you have cleaned it.
  • If it does not acknowledge your headset it’s likely that the headset you are using isn’t compatible with PS4
  • In rare instances the audio port might be defective.

Conversion error

If you’re not using the official PlayStation 4 headphones and are using headphones with separate jacks for the microphone and audio, you should use a 2 in 1 converter that plugs into your headset.

The controllers for the PlayStation 4 are known to not work with a variety of converters, so your solution is to switch your headset or purchase a converter that works with the PS4. The best solution to this issue is to utilize the right headset that doesn’t require an adapter. Our top choices are listed in the best headsets that work with PS4.

Setting the controller back and then restarting the PS4

Numerous users report that a simple off and on solution has solved the issue with their defective microphone.

You must reset your controller first , as your headphones are connected to it. If it isn’t working Try restarting the PS4 at least a couple of times.

Many people have also stated that it is possible to fix the PS4 microphone not working by repeatedly placing it on mute, then unmute.

Modifying the volume of the Sidetone and microphone gain setting

If none of these solutions work for you, then maybe all is well and the microphone may even be listening to your voice, but at a lower volume.

This is due to the fact that the volume of the sidetone and mic gain settings are set to a an extremely low level.

To fix this, you must follow the steps below:

  • Click on “audio devices” in the settings menu.
  • Select the device you’re experiencing this issue click on the device you are experiencing this issue
  • Find the “adjust microphone level screen” option underneath that device, and click on it.
  • Then increase the volume when it’s set too low. Stop once you are happy with the voice output.
  • Save and then exit.


What has happened to my microphone? abruptly stopped functioning?

The audio jack may have been suddenly pulled out/ruptured or you’ve hit the Mute button.

What is the reason I can hear my headphones but not be able to talk?

This is due to the fact that the PS4 isn’t fully recognizing your headsets due to them being not compatible or are connected incorrectly. It can also happen if the volume of your microphone is set extremely low.

None of the solutions mentioned above have worked. What can I do?

If none of the above techniques work it is necessary to upgrade the firmware of your PS4. If there are no firmware updates available, you must upgrade the audio drivers manually.