Bed bugs are known as sneaky blood-sucking pests that can invade your home in a number of ways, infesting the place at great speed. They’re known as avid ‘hitch hikers’ simply because all it takes for them to get to you is to jump on to any fabric they can latch on, and you unknowingly bring them home.

Knowing the top ways bed bugs get into your home can help you keep them out of your space. 


Traveling frequently raises your chance of bringing bed bugs home. These hitch-hiking pests can be found in many forms of transport, such as airplanes and taxis. Even just sitting down on the airport floor can lead to a full-blown infestation at home when left unchecked. This is an example of cross-infestation when bed bugs latch onto your belongings, clothing, or luggage that you bring back home. This makes traveling one of the biggest causes of the onset of infestation.


You would think that the last place to get bed bugs would be sofas in lounge areas, but it’s important to remember that bed bugs like fabric materials and even have preferred colors. Bed bugs like colors such as dark red and black, which is why sofas in these colors are bed bug hotspots. And with these cozy sofas commonly placed in public lounges, you really wouldn’t expect them to be infested. Always keep an eye out for bedbugs. Have pest control in your contacts just in case. Beautiful Scottsdale art galleries increase the beauty of walls.

Public areas

Someone in your household may have unknowingly encountered spaces that have been infested, like a visit to a friend’s place or working in infested office spaces. This could be another cause for the start of a bed bug infestation. Public areas can easily become a breeding ground for bed bugs when left unchecked, and people come and go taking these pests with them without being aware of it. 

Preloved furniture and fixtures

Vintage furniture is a popular option when it comes to home décor. However, these fixtures are also notorious for bringing bed bugs into their new homes. Many buyers of secondhand furniture and fixtures unknowingly bring back bed bugs that could have been harbored in these pieces. After a while of being left unchecked, homeowners later find that there has already been an infestation. In this case, it’s best to call for bed bug treatment.

Bed bugs can be anywhere

Bed bugs can be found anywhere, and they can easily hitch onto your clothing or belongings. Without you even knowing about it, you’ve already brought these pests into the confines of your home, and worse, they can infest your place in a snap when left unchecked. Knowing the common ways of how bed bugs get into your home gives you an idea as to how to avoid getting them, and how to practice being more aware of infestation. When things get worse, don’t hesitate to call for immediate bed bug treatment. Have a pest control professional in your contacts ready so you can get help just when you need it.