Moment, cyber security has come to a concern for every business. It doesn’t count what kind of business you have – whether it’s an incipiency or an established business – a cyber security breach can cripple your company, no matter how big it is.

What’s cyber security?

Cyber security is simply guarding your business from hackers. When you suppose of cyber security, the first thing that comes to mind is generally information technology (IT) security. But cyber security also involves physical protection like keeping staff authentication safe, securing important data, and indeed guarding physical means.

Cyber security isn’t simply guarding against hacking attempts. It also involves guarding yourself against legal liability when that happens, too. Although you can’t fully avoid legal action after an event, you must ensure that your company shows all the necessary ways to cover itself against hackers.

What Konica Minolta cyber security offers

Konica Minolta https//www.Konica Minolta. sg/business/solutions/cybersecurity-platform/ provides cyber security products and services to help businesses stay safe from hackers. These include the SRX600, a Cloud Managed Security Gateway.

With the SRX600, you can cover your company from hackers at all times by having full visibility into pitfalls within your network. The SRX600 can descry any kind of playing attempt including denial-of-service attacks, malware, and other pitfalls. It also allows you to set rules when it comes to guarding your enterprise network.

The crucial features that the company give are

– Security biographies to enhance security programs

– Intelligent business analysis to give deep operation visibility and sapience into data flows

– Policy match identification to apply programs grounded on network or operation subcaste attributes

– Trouble discovery and policy enforcement for virtual private networks (VPNs) and Web filtering

Screen incoming and gregarious business. The SRX600 also protects your business from the colorful pitfalls that you might encounter when doing commerce.

event log operation allows you to dissect logs for auditing, compliance, and forensic analysis.

– Network access control through stoner identification – Network segmentation via virtual LANs and ACLs – Centralised operation gives you full control over what’s passing in your network and where to concentrate security sweats The benefits you get from Konica Minolta

– You get to maximize investment in your being security structure, therefore making it easier for you to cover your network.

– You also get the inflexibility of using a pall-managed security gateway. This means that you’ll get ease of use and speed when it comes to enforcing, managing, and guarding your network.

– You can also cover your business whether you’re in the pall or not. This means that you won’t have to worry about fresh costs when you move your network to the pall.

– By using security biographies, you also get better protection for endpoints and operations, making it easier for you to control the geste of your network.

– You can also enjoy simplified workflow when it comes to trouble operation as well as full visibility into your network. This means that you’ll be suitable to know all the pitfalls that your company is facing at all times.

cost-effective, high-performance client engagement results.

bettered document processing, analysis, and archiving processes to help you do your job more.


Cyber security has come a pressing concern for every business in Singapore. This is because they’ve to face the trouble of cyberattacks every day. When you do business in Singapore, it’s important that you keep abreast of the rearmost trends in cyber security.