The world of social media is changing at a faster rate, those who are those who are early adopters of technology are able to survive in this competitive world and remain ahead of the competition. For many companies it might be it a bit overwhelming to incorporate each new technology and feature to your social media strategy. Instagram is the most well-known and fastest-growing social media platform has been releasing the most recent features with a speed that is incredibly fast. Sometimes , it is difficult to stay current with the most recent features as they update nearly every day.

Here are some of the most important emerging Instagram functions that your marketing firm needs to keep an eye on and use to get maximum exposure and engagement.

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Musik with Question Stickers

Instagram has launched music stickers which let users include theme songs as background music to your Stories in the summer of 2018. In the present, Instagram allows users to incorporate a soundtrack into their Stories and also use music with question stickers. With the music-themed sticker included in Stories feature that allows you to include a song in the video or image on the Instagram Story directly within the application. This feature lets you select songs from Instagram’s built-in library. To take advantage of this feature, just add an answer sticker in your Story and let your followers to answer questions using a song that is pulled from Instagram’s music library.

A New Explore Section

In the latest Instagram version there are notable changes on Explore. There are some noticeable changes in Explore page. This is a great section for influencers and marketers , and can be a fantastic method to build brand awareness and connect with an even larger audience. The new Explore page was designed to allow users to see the things they are interested in. There are the Topic Channels as well as a customized for you channel with information you’ve already browsed. There is hashtags in a list that help users locate the article that matches their requirements. To ensure that your brand is visible it is essential to invest more time and effort into the development of a hashtag strategy that works to make the most of the new Explore page. You can also get your posts featured in feeds of users.

Question Sticker

Instagram is working hard to give users more personal experiences, and they want to keep them in the loop. The most recent Question Sticker feature lets users submit questions, and also answer them on IG stories. If you’re a web designing agency, digital marketing business or real estate company food-related business, or even a fashion blog You are able to make the most of the Questions Sticker feature and engage with your clients by holding Q/A sessions. You can determine what products or services they like the most and also which areas require improvement. Businesses that wish to interact with their followers and gather valuable feedback of their followers Start with their Question Sticker feature of the Instagram.

Automatically scheduled Instagram posts

Another fantastic aspect of Instagram that allows many businesses to make the most of it is the ability to automatically schedule posts. If you manage an official business account you can create posts based on images without push notifications. All you need to do is schedule your post, and Instagram will publish it.

An Analytical Instrument for Ad-Targeting

Instagram has just introduced an Instagram Bookmarks feature that helps users save posts they love the most in their personal collections. This feature can be used to search for and locate creative ideas. From a business perspective the feature lets followers to save your photos or video ads and put them noticed by the public. In the near future, Instagram plans to develop an analytical tool to inform companies which products their users have bookmarked. This tool will allow businesses to develop retargeting strategies using the bookmarks of posts. In this way, companies can target users who have expressed an desire to purchase the product, but didn’t make the purchase decision. This offers businesses the opportunity to target consumers and increase sales opportunities.

Buy Tickets, Book Reservations and Appointments

Instagram’s Action Buttons can be a wonderful chance for brands to allow users to complete the desired actions. With this feature, users are now able to schedule an appointment, make reservations or even purchase tickets right from the app. Action Buttons are a great way to engage customers. Action Buttons serve as a massive opportunity for businesses to draw new customers in and motivate users to purchase.

NewCards User Interface

Instagram is expected to unveil its new card UI that will replace the current UI where users must scroll vertically to browse posts. The new layout for cards allows users to scroll horizontally to browse posts that are similar to Stories in which you swipe across items on the feed. In the new card-style user interface tabs for Profile and Direct will be inverted. Profile tabs, as well as Direct tabs, become reversed.

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While it’s a little difficult to keep up with every new update on Instagram The more you understand about the platform and the quicker you adapt to the new features more likely you are to connect with your customers and establish a solid online presence. Don’t let your business get neglected and begin to improve your marketing strategies to get in touch with your ideal clients.